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Nuova biografia di Paul

In stampa il mese prossimo.By Christopher Sandford

New McCartney Biography to Be Released Next Month
Paul McCartney, a new biography written by Christopher Sandford, is scheduled to be released next month. The author has already published books on Mick Jagger and Sting, and is a writer for the New York Times and Britain’s Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. Mr. Sanford’s biography is said to be unique in that it examines the final days of Linda McCartney followed by a significant amount of material on Sir Paul’s life after Linda with a special focus on his concerts and recordings. The book is well written and well researched. Mr. Sanford’s sources include court documents as well as interviews with Sir Paul’s family members and colleagues.
Paul McCartney by Christopher Sandford. Carroll & Graf . February 1, 2006. 320p. photographs. bibliography. index. ISBN 0-7867-1614-2 . $26.95.