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Ajay, il bambino tecnologico

Ajay Puri ha solo 9 anni, ma in India e' gia' famoso. E' infatti il piu' giovane creatore di siti internet al mondo, e non da oggi. Ajay ha realizzato il suo personale sito internet all'eta' di soli tre anni. Un'impresa straordinaria che gli e' valsa l'ammirazione di personaggi quali il premier indiano Manmohan. Ma per il bambino l'incontro piu' emozionante e' stato quello con Bill Gates che, venuto a sapere della cosa, lo ha voluto conoscere di persona. Come saranno i bambini del futuro?

Nome : Ajay Puri,

Data di nascita: 12-9-1996

Nato a: Hyderabad - India

Padre : Ravi Puri (operaio nella “Century Textiles Co”., Ltd-Bangkok Thailand)

Madre : Mamta Puri

Nonno : BN Puri

Nonna : Indira Puri

Fratello : Adarsh Puri

Ajay ha iniziato ad usare il computer sin dall’età di un anno e mezzo. Ajay sa usare il computer con I prodotti della Microsoft come Word 2000, Exel 2000 e Power Point, Outlook Express, Interent Explorer, Front Page 2000, Access Database. Sa inviare email con allegati e sa anche fare lo scanning di fotografie, registrare video email e conversare in internet. La Microsoft Thailand ha fatto dono a Ajay di Frontpage 2000 per il sito web che ha fatto. Il sito che adesso state visualizzando è stato costruito dallo stesso Ajay usando il FrontPage 2000.

Ajay sa costruire siti web con tutti gli accessori necessari e con fotografie, sa stampare documenti formattati, creare grafici, selezionare dati, creare subtotali, preparare una presentazione power point con suoni e animazioni.

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Ajay can also perform routine maintenance of the computer. In Access Database Ajay can create fields , make forms for entering data , Enter data , Create SQL queries and make reports based on required data. Ajay has also mastered Macromedia FLASH 5.0 .Ajay can use Gif Animator for creating Gif images. Ajay has started learning Visual Basic.

Ajay has already appeared on CNN , BBC , CNBC , ZEE TV , Star Plus , Gemini TV , ETV and other leading TV channels of the world.

Ajay has appeared in all newspapers and magazines in Thailand and abroad . Some of the International magazines include ASIAN BUSINESS , Business in Thailand , TIME etc.

Ajay spends about 15-20 minutes a day with the computer.” His name has gone into the Book of World Record . Microsoft Thailand is helping him learn the latest software’s.

Ajay has performed in front of hundreds of people by invitation of INTEL and MAN GROUP Thailand.

Ajay has met Chandrababu Naidu ,Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh . It was a unique sight of the computer wizard meeting and talking with with the computer savvy chief minister. The chief Minister felt proud of Ajay and his achievements and blessed him.

Ajay was invited by H.E Sri Rajinder Kumar Rai who was then the Indian Ambassador to Thailand.

Ajay also met H.E The then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Sri C. Rangarajan , Home minister, Sri D.Devendra Gaud, and a host of other ministers of the AP state cabinet. He also received blessings from many IAS and IPS officers including Mr S.Anwar,the Principal Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Mohan Konda, Chief Secretary , Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Mr Dora, the then Director General of Police, Andhra Pradeash, Mr.M.V. Krishna Rao, Commissioner of Police Andhra Pradesh, Mr Kishore, the then Commissioner of cultural and Public Relations, Mrs Meena the then Secretary in finance dept of the State Government.He was also blessed by Mr. Shenoy, Chairman ,Bank of Baroda. The Chairman of State Bank of India Mr GG Vaidya also felicitated Ajay and his family in Bombay. The Chairman and Managing Director of Sahara India Subrata Roy also invited Ajay and his family to Lucknow in their Mega show recently organized . Many medical institutions also have felicitated Ajay in their own way.

Ajay gave a live demo in Administrative college of India, Hyderabad and State Bank of India Training college in Begumpet. Ajay also gave a live demo in State Bank of India Local Head office, Hyderabad .Mr Das, the then the Chief General Manager blessed him along with all senior officials. Ajay also gave a demo before the Deputy Managing Director of State Bank, Hyderabad Mr.Saha in its Inspection and audit Wing. Ajay’s family has been closely associated with state Bank of India.

Ajay , the whiz kid met the Prime Minister of India, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji on 14th March in Delhi. It was a unforgetful meeting in the sense that the “Youngest software kid” met “Biggest Executive” of India. This shows that the pregnancy period of Information & Technology is over in India and our country has started giving birth to software kids.

Ajay had the honor of meeting President of India Mr K.R Narayanan and received his blessings. Mr Narayanan himself took Ajay around his Moghal Gardens.

Ajay also met and took the blessings of Mrs Sonia Gandhi , Mr Ram Naik , Mrs Sushma Swaraj,Mr Jaitley Mr Dattatreya. Ajay was a special guest during the visit of Mr Bill Clinton to Hyderabad where Mr Clinton and his daughter Chelsea spoke to Ajay and were very impressed by his talent and achievements.

On November 1st 2000 , Ajay was invited by Mr Chuan Leekpai , the then Prime Minister of Thailand.

Ajay was blessed and gifted a laptop computer by Chairman IBM Thailand Mr Wanarak Eckachai.

Ajay was congratulated by Princes of Thailand for his knowledge in computers at an early age.

At 5 years of age Ajay has passed MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist certification exam with 98% marks to become the Youngest Microsoft Certified Office User Specialist.

Ajay has also started his programming lessons on Visual Basic and can develop some small programs now .

Ajay had the honor of getting exclusive appointment with Microsoft Chief Bill Gates in Hyderabad on 14th Novemver-2002.

Ajay was invited by the TELUGU ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA to take part in their silver jubilee celebrations held in San Jose California on 3rd July to 5th July,2003. Ajay was felicitated by Gulf NRI’s

Ajay was invited by the President of India Mr A.P.J Kalam whom he met in New Delhi some time back and was with him for 45 minutes. Dr Kalam laid lot of emphasis on education .

Ajay met the Chief Executive officer of Qatar Airways Mr Al Baker in Doha on his invitation. Ajay Gave a live demo before him there on Web designing in a Press conference. Ajay also had the honor of meeting the Indian Ambassador to Qatar and the Chairman and Managing Director of Doha Bank.

Ajay was invited by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde whom he met in Mumbai.

Ajay was highly delighted when he met Amitab Bachchan the Legendary Indian Film actor , Aamir khan and Sachin Tendulkar - The cricketing Sensation during his short stay in Mumbai. Ajay had earlier met Bollywood actors Govinda, Kader Khan,Juhi Chawla, Tabu etc

Ajay gave a live demo on web designing in Relaiance Corporate office in Mumbai where Anil Ambani and his family members were present.

Ajay on 20th Aug 2003 gave a live demo to Education Minister of Thailand at a function held in Thailand by Indo Thai Business forum.

Your few words of encouragement & Blessings for Ajay will encourage him to grow further. Click here to send a few words of blessings to Ajay.

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