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Every minute, every hour - 2gether

Il testo di "Every minute, every hour"

Baby, I know you were wrong

But I forgive you


Another day has gone by

Still have your picture by my side

I can’t forget when you left

When we said goodbye

I know it’s hard to carry on

Can I survive


Every minute, every hour

I just can’t get you out of my mind

No matter how hard I try

Every day, every night

I wish you were back in my life

Can we give it just one more chance

This time

Looking back on it now

Where we went wrong, I can’t figure out

Wish I could turn back the time

And make you mine

Is it too late for us to try

A second time


I just don’t see things the same

I can’t get out of the rain

It’s clouding my mind

I’ll make it all up to you

Just tell me what I should do

I want you back in my life

Gimme one more chance


Can we give it just one more chance

Yeah yeah yeah

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