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The Gangs of San Andreas

Scopriamo insieme quali saranno le bande con cui dovremo confrontarci in San Andreas per conquistare prima il quartiere e poi tutte le città...

Los Santos:

The Families
Color: Green

Orange Grove Families – Once one of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos, The Orange Grove is the gang CJ rolls with. Their typical dress code is green pants, green hoodies, green bandanas. Based primarily in Ganton, the gang’s influence has slowly eroded over the years as a result of increasing violence, internal fighting and splits within the gang (set trippin’), and the growing influence of drugs on the culture. They’re now in a precarious position, almost completely surrounded by Ballas territory.
Temple Drive Families – Another old Los Santos family gang that’s aligned with the Orange Grove, the Temple Drive Families are based in Northern Los Santos. If CJ’s stranded up near their territory and is having trouble with the cops or a rival gang, they’ll come to CJ’s aid.
Seville Blvd Families – This family controls the southeast beaches of Los Santos, and have been almost completely squeezed out by the Aztecas and Vagos. They’re holding onto a small patch of land just south of Saints’ stadium. Like the Temple Drive Families, they’ll support CJ.

The Ballas
Color: Purple

Front Yard Ballas – The Grove’s fiercest rival gang, the Front Yard Ballas control Jefferson. They can be tough, even brutal. They’re Los Santos’ most notorious drug dealers.
Rollin Heights Ballas – These thugs back up the Front Yard Ballas, and hold the ritzy Glen Park section of Los Santos. They’ve steadily been expanding south into Idlewood, currently one of the most hotly contested areas in the city.

Los Santos Vagos
Color: Yellow

This Latin gang are based up in northeast Los Santos around Las Colinas and Los Flores. Like the Ballas, the Vagos have gotten into the drug dealing game. They’re currently fighting hard in the battle the control East Los Santos, which is squarely between Ganton, Jefferson and Los Flores.

Varrios Los Aztecas
Color: Light Blue

This Latin gang is based in Little Mexico and El Corona in South Los Santos near the docks, their main enemies are the Los Santos Vagos. Cesar, they boyfriend of CJ’s sister, Kendl, is an original gangster that reps the Aztecas. They are the kings of lowrider customs, and drive some of the craziest rides in Los Santos.

San Fierro:

San Fierro Rifa
Color: Dark Blue

An intimidating Latin gang from Northern San Andreas, the Rifa’s control the San Garcia section of San Fierro. Heavily in to the drug trade, the Rifa’s should be considered extremely dangerous.

The Tongs and Triads
Color: Red

Tongs are the ruling order of the Triads – the organized head of the hierarchy. Triads are the street gangs / foot soldiers. With a firm grip on Chinatown, the Tongs/Triads are primarily in protection/extortion and smuggling. Some of the Triad sets in San Fierro include The Mountain Cloud Boys, The Blood Feather Triads and The Grant Street Triad.

Da Nang Boys
Color: Brown

Violent street gang located around the dockside areas and ghettos of San Fierro. Activities include extortion/protection rackets, gambling, drug smuggling and (very rarely) piracy.

Las Venturas:

Color: Black

One of the original gangs in Las Venturas, the Mafia has a heavy hand in all aspects of the seedy underbelly of Las Ventruas, from gambling to extortion.

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