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I personaggi ed il cast di San Andreas

Un cast da vero kolossal in San Andreas: da affermati attori come Samuel Jackson e James Woods ad importanti rappers come ICE-T per dare voce ai 30 e più protagonisti principali della storia. Scopriamoli tutti qui!

1) Carl Johnson / “CJ” Once a member of the powerful Orange Grove Families gang, CJ left Los Santos and his old life behind five years ago after being blamed for the death of his little brother, Brian, and headed to Liberty City to avoid dealing with the pain and family strife caused by Brian’s death. Now, five years later, after having received a phone call from his remaining brother, Sweet, telling him that their mother had been murdered by a rival gang in a drive-by shooting, CJ finds himself back in Los Santos trying to hold what is left of his family together and put his old gang back on top. Voice Actor: Young Maylay, aka Chris Bellard, was born 26 years ago on the West Coast and raised in Los Angeles amidst the turbulence of riots and gang violence. Cultivating his lyrical skills since his teens, Young Maylay is emerging onto LA’s hip hop scene, led by the straightforwardness of his message which he describes as being certified and authentic to the experiences of inner city life. In 2004, Young Maylay will release his debut full length album.

2) Sweet Johnson - CJ’s brother who not only blames CJ for Brian’s death five years ago but also resents him for running away afterwards, leaving Sweet to look after the family on his own. After the death of their mother, CJ and Sweet attempt to reconcile their past and lead the Orange Grove Families to become the major force in the Los Santos gang scene that they once were. Voice Actor:Faizon Love - At 19, Love was cast in an off-Broadway play entitled “Bitter Heart Midtown” at the Harlem National Black Theatre, a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations.” His screen break came when director/actor Robert Townsend’s assistant saw Love perform at a comedy club and recommended him for a role in “The Meteor Man.” He is now recognized by filmgoers for his performances in films including “The Players Club,” “Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” “Fear of a Black Hat,” “Friday,” “Bebe’s Kids” and “3 Strikes.” Love is well known to television audiences for his popular portrayal of Wendell Wilcox on The WB’s “The Parent Hood.” His stand-up comedy television credits include appearances on “Showtime at the Apollo,” A&E’s “Evening at the Improv” and his comedy special for B.E.T.

3) Smoke - A huge man physically, Smoke is Carl and Sweet’s running buddy and an original member of the Orange Grove Families. Smoke is very intelligent and while he often plays a “man of the people” role, he often uses that to justify his destructive behavior. Voice Actor: Clifton Powell recently appeared in the feature films “Unchain my Heart” with Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, “Never Die Alone” with DMX and “Woman Thou Art Loosed” based on the TD Jakes book with Kimberly Elise. These films are currently scheduled for early 2004 release. “Civil Brand“, for which he won “Best Actor” and the film won “Best Film” at the American Black Film Festival South Beach 2002. Other feature films include Friday” and “Friday After Next”, as the infamous “Pinky”, “The Brothers”, and “Rush Hour”, other feature films include “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” “Phantoms”, “Deep Rising”, “Dead Presidents” and “Menace II Society”.

4) Ryder - Short and scrawny, Ryder rarely thinks about what he’s doing before he does it. A bit of a wild card, what Ryder lacks in size he more than makes up for with his big mouth, bad attitude and propensity for violence on behalf of the Orange Grove Families. Voice Actor: MC Eiht epitomizes a legend on many different levels. This multi-dimensional artist has established himself as a force in the rap game among fans and critics alike. Specifically, he has expanded gangsta rap as the leader of the influential, yet controversial, group, Compton’s Most Wanted, commonly referred to simply as CMW. The group’s landmark albums, “We Come Strapped” and “It’s A Compton Thang” have vividly documented the harsh realities of the inner city life. Further, MC Eiht has shattered the glass ceilings placed upon rap artist by the mainstream movie industry by appearing in the Hughes brother’s breakthrough film, “Menace II Society”. His seventh album, Section 8 - his first from Mack 10’s Hoo-Bangin’ label - proves that MC Eiht has not rested on his laurels. Instead, he shows and proves that even though he is a legend, his contribution to the rap world is still a work in progress.

5) Cesar Vialpando - Leading member of Los Varrios Aztecas and boyfriend of Kendl Johnson. Despite his love of stolen cars, Cesar is often a man of honor and integrity which, despite Carl’s initial disdain to the fact that Cesar is dating his sister, leads CJ and Cesar to become very close friends.Voice Actor: Clifton Collins Jr., a native of Los Angeles, is the grandson of actor Pedro Gonzalez (one of the first successful Mexican actors in Hollywood. Collins Jr. began his career in the early 1990s with in a number of small roles in film and TV such as; “Menace II Society (1993),” “ER (1994)” “The Stoned Age (1994),” “NYPD Blue (1995),” and “Dead Presidents (1995).” In 1997, Collins Jr caught the attention of critics and movie fans with his break through performance in the film “187.” His portrayal as the intimidating thug Cesar, opposite to Samuel L Jackson’s character, garnered Collins Jr. with critical praise. His performance in “187” was noticed by the studios which led to more significant roles in hi-profile features such as 1998’s “The Replacement Killers” and 1999’s “Light It Up.” In 2000, Collins Jr. increased his viability as an actor when he landed significant parts in the critically and financially successful films “Tigerland” and “Traffic.” With an impressive list of film credits attached to his name, Collins Jr. secured roles in films that showcased his versatility as an actor in films like “The Last Castle (2001),” where he portrayed a stuttering prisoner befriended by Robert Redford’s character, “Rules of Attraction (2002),” playing a coked out drug dealer and in the title role as the serial killer in “Mindhunters (2004).” Clifton Collins Jr is currently attached to a number of projects that are in pre and post production, including the highly anticipated follow-up to Troy Duffy’s “Boondock Saints.”

6) Kendl Johnson - With her mother murdered and her brothers in the Orange Grove Families gang feuding with her boyfriend Cesar’s gang, Kendl is caught between a rock and a hard place. The Johnson with the best head on her shoulders, Kendl uses her brains to help mend the relationships between her family and her boyfriend as well as put them ahead of the game in their business endeavors. Voice Actor: Yo-Yo (AKA Yolanda Whitaker) emerged onto the West Coast hip hop movement in the early 90s. Though her albums were not overtly feminist, she garnered the praise and the notice of the music industry through her advocacy of female sexual empowerment. Yo-Yo’s debut album: “Make Way for the Motherlode (1991)” and her sophemore effort “Black Pearl (1992)” gained her the critical acclaim and respect within the West Coast hip hop community. Yo-Yo’s third release: “You Better Ask Somebody (1993),” took a more aggressive and combative style as opposed to her previous albums which had a more lighter tone. In 1996 she returned with “Total Control;” followed by “Ebony” in 1998.

7) B-Dup - Local drug pusher that has become a powerful influence in the Grove in recent years. With many in the hood under his control, CJ and Sweet feel in order to fully reclaim their home turf, they must sooner or later loosen B-Dup’s grip on the streets. Voice Actor: The Game (AKA Jayson Taylor) has been cited as the next big act to emerge from the West Coast hip hop scene. Hailing from Compton, California, he began his career in 2001 while recovering from gunshot wounds. During his recuperation, he studied the music and the stylings of other influential MCs and began to write his own lyrics. In a three month time period he produced over 50 songs and in less than a year he began appearing on numerous mixtapes most notatably “JT The Bigga Figga Presents: Nas and The Game: QB 2 Compton (2002)” and DJ Green Lantern “Invasion (2002).” The Game’s lyrics and style quickly caught the attention of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent who signed him to Aftermath/G-Unit Records in 2003. The Game’s highly anticipated debut entitled “Nigga Witta Attidude” produced by Dr. Dre is set to release in October 2004.

8) OG Loc - OG Loc, or Jeffrey as CJ knows him, is an old friend of the Grove Street boys and an aspiring gangsta rapper. While lacking in actual talent he makes up for it by doing anything and everything to prove that he is a real thug deserving of the name OG Loc. Voice Actor: Jonathan Anderson TV credits include “NY Undercover”, “Law and Order”, and “100 Center Street” As well as just shooting a Co-Starring role in the new Fox 5 television show “Jonny Zero” He is an alumnus of the Professional Performing Arts School and has studied at Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts with Willam Esper, as well at the Maggie Flannigan Studio studying the Messiner technique.

9) Beverly Johnson - Beloved matriarch of the Johnson Family, she was recently murdered in a drive-by shooting. CJ has returned to Los Santos to bury her and has vowed to find those responsible for her death.

10) Officer Tenpenny - One of Los Santos Police Department’s finest, Officer Tenpenny heads up the anti-gang unit known as C.R.A.S.H. along with officers Pulaski and Hernandez. But while appearing to be doing his duty and serving the people on the surface, Tenpenny is really a maniacal bully who threatens and manipulates the community while hiding behind his badge. Any criminal activity in Los Santos - be it drugs, extortion, or even murder - is likely to have Tenpenny pulling the strings. Voice Actor: Samuel L. Jackson moved to New York City upon graduation in 1977 to pursue his acting trade. Jackson got his first sizeable film break when he was cast to play a drug-addict in Spike Lee’s 1991 “Jungle Fever.” This role garnered Jackson much critical acclaim and the attention of the film industry which culminated into him receiving a special acting award at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival. In 1993, Jackson was cast in supporting roles in hi-profile films; “Menace II Society,” “Jurassic Park,” and “True Romance.” Jackson’s second coup came with his portrayal of Jules, the philosophizing hitman in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 “Pulp Fiction.” For his portrayal of Jules, Jackson was nominated for both an Oscar and Golden Globe awards and won the British Academy of Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. On the heels of the “Pulp Fiction” success, Jackson landed third billing in the big budgeted and box office smash hit “Die Hard With a Vengeance’ in 1995. Between 1997 and 1999, Jackson was featured had more leading roles in movies such as; “The Negotiator,” “Sphere,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “The Phantom Menace.” which confirmed his transition from a secondary to a primary actor. In 2000 Jackson followed through with his leading man status and headlined the hit film in “Shaft” and the military drama; “Rules of Engagement.” Adding more successful films and performances to his credit, Jackson starred opposite to Ben Affleck in the road rage drama “Changing Lanes” and reprised his role in “Attack of the Clones,” in 2001. Jackson continued to appear in a string of box office successes 2003’s “SWAT” and “XXX.” In 2004, Jackson appeared in Tarantino’s “Kill Bill Vol.2.

11) Officer Pulaski - Tenpenny’s fellow C.R.A.S.H. officer and right hand man, Pulaski is Tenpenny’s muscle in the streets of Los Santos. Voice Actor: Chris Penn, born on June 10, 1962, in Los Angeles, is the son of director Leo Penn and actress Eileen Ryan, and the brother of singer Michael Penn in addition to actors Sean and Matthew. His breakthrough film role came when he was cast in Francis Ford Coppola’s teen gang movie “Rumble Fish (1983)” opposite to Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillon. However, it was the film “Footloose (1984)” and his portrayal as Kevin Bacon’s naive buddy that caught the attention of the American film audience. Penn’s continued his work as a supporting cast member throughout the 1980s in films such as “Pale Rider (1985)” and “At Close Range (1986).” Penn’s most memorable roles in the crime genre were in Quinton Taratino’s “Resevoir Dogs (1992),” where he played the character of Nice Guy Eddie, a foul-mouthed and ill-tempered bank robber and in “True Romance (1993),” portraying a merciless and revenge filled cop.

12) Officer Hernandez - The third in the C.R.A.S.H. collective known in the streets as “The Three Deep”. While not as malicious or conniving as Tenpenny and Pulaski, he is willing to follow them and enforce their will on the hood for a cut of the profits. Voice Actor: Armando Riesco – In addition to having previously been featured in Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Midnight Club 2, Armando Riesco has appeared in several theater productions in New York and has appeared such television shows as “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “Third Watch” and “Early Edition” as well as been featured on several HBO specials. Armando’s most recent film work includes Spike Lee’s “25th Hour” and the indie comedy “Garden State”. He can also be seen in the upcoming action adventure film “National Treasure” with Nicolas Cage.

13) Big Bear - A once jolly and lovable mountain of a man whose demeanor was often seen as bright spot in the darkness of ghetto life, Big Bear has become a shadow of his former self, due in no small part to the influence of B-Dup and the crack pipe. Voice Actor: Big Boy is a well known Los Angeles radio personality on the hip hop and R&B formatted Power 106 FM. Since 1994 he has has dominated the ratings in all of the timeslots he has occupied including nights, afternoons, and for the past few years, the morning drive slot. The morning show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” encompasses not only bringing hip hop to the masses but also the elements of tackling various topics in a humorous and engaging manner on a daily basis. He has also made numerous cameos in movies such as The Players Club, Foolish, Trippin’ and had a significant role in Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler’s movie Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo. He’s television appearances have included MTV’s “The Cut”, Malcolm and Eddie, The Jamie Foxx show, Rap City, Leeza Gibbons, KTLA Morning News, KABC’s Eye on LA and Vista LA.

14) Emmet - An old-school member of the Seville Boulevard Family and local arms dealer. A little long in the tooth and short on memory, Emmet helps the Grove Street Families get strapped up early on. Voice Actor: Eugene Jeter Jr

15) Madd Dogg - Gangsta rap superstar and the crown jewel of the Blastin’ Fools Records empire. According to OG Loc, Madd Dogg is the only thing standing in his way of becoming a huge star in the rap game. Voice Actor: Ice T - (aka Tracy Morrow) was one of the leading figures of West Coast hip hop in the 80’s, born in Newark, NJ, he moved to South Central Los Angeles to live with relatives after his parents were killed in an auto accident. In 1987, Ice-T signed a record deal with Sire Records and released his debut album, “Rhyme Pays,” which was a commercial success and went gold. That same year, he recorded the theme song for Dennis Hopper’s “Colors,” a film about inner-city life in Los Angeles. The song also entitled “Colors” was strong both lyrically and musically; it further secured Ice-T’s footing in the music industry. In 1988, Ice-T formed his own record label, Rhyme Syndicate and released his second effort: “Power.” “Power” was a more assured and impressive record, earning him strong reviews and his second gold record. In 1989, Ice-T released “The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say,” this earned cemented him as a true hip-hop talent. The album received critically acclaim and the music was powerful matched with fierce, intelligent narratives, and political commentaries about hip hop censorship. In 1991, Ice-T starred in Mario Van Peebles’ “New Jack City” and also recorded “New Jack Hustler” for the film. “New Jack Hustler” became one of the centerpieces of Ice-T’s most successful album to date, 1991’s O.G.: Original Gangster. O.G. also featured a metal track called “Body Count” recorded with Ice-T’s band of the same name. In 1993 he released “Home Invasion” and in 1994 the second Body Count Album, “Born Dead.” In the summer of 1996, Ice-T released “Return of the Real” followed by 7th Deadly Sin in 1999. In 2000, Ice-T released his greatest hits album and more recently in April of 2004 his first new album in nearly 5 years entitled “Ice-T Presents: The West Side” went on sale.

16) Denise Robinson – Rescued by CJ in a burning house, Denise then becomes CJ’s first girlfriend upon his return to San Andreas. Voice Actor: Heather Alicia Simms

17) The Truth - Behind a haze of pot smoke and far out conspiracy theories, The Truth can be a motivated business man, even if sometimes he forgets what that business is. As his name suggests, The Truth, is always on the lookout for those that can help him discover the secrets of life’s greatest mysteries…or score some choice South American peyote. Voice Actor: Peter Fonda was born on February 23, 1940, in New York, the son of the great American actor, Henry Fonda and the brother of Jane Fonda, he is an accomplished actor, writer, and director. Throughout the early 1960s, Fonda had been christened by the industry as a romantic lead. However, this notion came to a screeching halt in 1966 when Fonda took on the lead role as a motorcycle gang leader in Roger Corman’s “Wild Angels.” This movie broke box office records, and launched a whole new genre of 60s biker films. From the mid-sixties on, Fonda was moving away from the Hollywood establishment and aligning himself closer to the counter culture. This alignment was further exemplified with his role in Corman’s 1967 “The Trip,” a film about the healing powers of LSD. In 1969, Fonda starred in “Easy Rider,” a film that he also wrote and produced. Directed by Dennis Hopper, it starred Fonda, Hopper, and Jack Nicholson as pot-smoking, cross-country traveling adventurers who find their counter-culture lifestyle threatened by the establishment. A cultural landmark in American cinema, this movie grossed over $19 million at the box office and earned Fonda an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. Following the success of “Easy Rider,” Fonda collaborated with Hopper again on 1971’s “The Last Movie.” After a quite spell, he had a comeback with the movie “Ulee’s Gold (1997).” Fonda won critical reviews for his role as the title character which culminated into a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for the Best Actor. Some of Fonda’s more recent film and TV credits have included: “South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000),” “Second Skin (2001),” “Wooly Boys (2001),” and “The Laramie Project (2002).”

18) Jizzy B - One of the West Coast’s biggest pimps and hustlers, Jizzy B runs the Pleasuredome in San Fierro, a strip club and local den of iniquity. Smooth and charming, Jizzy has his bejeweled hands in all manner of underworld dealings. Voice Actor: Charlie Murphy, born on July 12, 1959 in New York, is the older brother of the actor Eddie Murphy. A writer and actor in a variety of films, he has often times handled both duties. Murphy had a small role in “Harlem Nights (1989),” Spike Lee’s “Mo Better Blues (1990),” and the urban drama “Jungle Fever”. Murphy is also credited with co-writing credits for 1995’s “Vampire in Brooklyn” and 2002’s “Paper Soldiers.” Murphy continued to appear in bit roles in African-American-oriented comedies throughout the 90s in films such as; “CB4 (1993),” “The Players Club (1998),” and “The Pompatus of Love (1995).” However, Murphy’s big break came when he signed on to handle writing and acting duties for Dave Chappelle’s hugely popular, “Chappelle’s Show” in 2003.

19) Wu Zi Mu - Calm, cool and collected, Wu Zi Mu is the big boss of San Fierro’s Chinese Triads. Finding CJ to be someone he can depend on to get things done, the two become close associates. An expert race car driver, a crack shot and a virtual golf pro Wu Zi is a man of many talents. He also happens to be completely blind. Voice Actor: James Yaegashi

20) Su Xi Mu (Suzi) – Part of Wu Zi’s Triad clan, Su Xi is involved in all of Wu Zi’s major decisions. Voice Actor: Richard Chang

21) Ran Fa Li (Farlie)- The head of San Fierro’s Chinese Triad, this old man always has his translator by his side and is the man Wu Zi is trying to impress in order to move up the Triad hierarchy. Voice Actor: Hunter Platin

22) Mike Toreno - A shady CIA agent who has no friends, a lot of enemies and has a knack for showing up unexpectedly, Mike Toreno blackmails CJ into helping him with his international drug smuggling schemes in the middle of the San Andreas desert. Voice Actor: James Woods was born on April 14, 1947, in Vermal, UT. The industry and movie audiences alike first took notice of Woods when he played a vicious cop killer in “The Onion Field (1979).” Throughout the eighties, Woods was a constant presence in feature films, delivering acclaimed performances in his role as a Jewish gangster in Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in America (1984)” and as a journalist in Oliver Stone’s 1986 “Salvador.” His role in “Salvador” gained the attention of the industry and garnered him the Best Actor Nomination by the Academy. In 1989, Woods earned an Emmy for his portrayal of the Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson in “My Name Is Bill W.” Throughout the 1990s, Woods appeared in a diverse series of films, such as a boxing promoter in “Diggstown (1992),” H.R. Haldeman in “Nixon (1995),” a drug dealer in “Another Day in Paradise (1998),” and a vampire hunter in John Carpenters’s “Vampires (1998).” From 2000-2003, Woods again showed audiences his range as a character actor by playing a priest in a parody of The Exorcists in “Scary Movie 2 (2001),” a cardiac surgeon in “John Q (2002),” and portraying Rudy Giuliani in the TV movie “Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story (2003).”

23) Zero - A technical genius, or huge geek as some my call him, Zero has constructed an army of deadly RC vehicles to battle his greatest foe from the past…a rival science fair competitor. CJ finds Zero’s knowledge of all things electric to be of great use to him and not only decides to keep him around but also helps Zero to realize his dream of running his own hobby shop. Voice Actor: David Cross - Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, David made his way to Boston to study film at Emerson College but quickly dropped out and started doing stand-up full time. He moved to Los Angeles to write on The Ben Stiller Show where he shared the posthumous Emmy (it was given after the show was canceled) with the show’s other writers. Continuing in the sketch tradition, he created (along with Bob Odenkirk) the groundbreaking show for HBO, Mr. Show with Bob & David. The show ran for four years and garnered several Emmy nominations. Last year he released his first comedy CD, “Shut Up You Fucking Baby” on the Subpop label, and sales continue to be fantastic. David has appeared in such films as Men in Black (both 1 & 2), Waiting for Guffman, Scary Movie 2, and the upcoming Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. David is currently appearing in the Fox Network comedy, Arrested Development and he is producing a pilot for Showtime based on the magazine, Vice.

24)T-Bone Mendez - Northern Mexican OG who now handles security for Jizzy’s various operations while Jizzy handles the public end. He scouts locations and makes sure that everything is covered. T-Bone’s men are very loyal to him because of the profits and the comparatively safer life away from the chaos of street violence. When he isn’t overlooking security he’s working on his lowrider. Voice Actor Kid Frost – Kid Frost was a pioneer in the field of Latin hip-hop, cutting some of its very first records and helping to bring exposure to other bilingual MCs. While he spent some time with his family on military bases in Guam and Germany, he was raised primarily in East L.A. He started rapping in 1982, and became an accomplished breakdancer as well, joining the top-notch Uncle Jamm’s Army crew. He adopted the name Kid Frost in tribute to Ice-T, whom he often battled at parties and clubs as the West Coast hip-hop scene was first taking shape. During this era, he released several 12″ singles, including “Rough Cut” (with N.W.A.’s DJ Yella) and “Terminator.” He subsequently left rap for a time, but returned in the late ’80s, when he hooked up with producer/DJ Tony G (born Gonzales). Their collaboration on the 1990 single “La Raza” broke Kid Frost to a wide audience, and became a much-loved anthem for Chicano hip-hop fans.

25) Jethro and Dwain: Two of the finest mechanics in San Fierro, Jethro and Dwain made their was out West from Vice City and are introduced to CJ by The Truth. They then become the “mechanics in residence” at The Hub. Voice Actors: Jethro- John Zurhellan Dwain- Navid Khonsari

26) Helena Wankstein – One of CJ’s “ladyfriends” that he meets throughout San Andreas, Helena works as a mechanic during the day. Voice Actress Bijou Phillips - The multi-talented Bijou Phillips has led an unusual life. She spent her childhood in New York, California and South Africa. She excelled at equestrienne sport but spent little time in formal schooling. When she was 13, she became a model to escape boarding school, which she hated. Bijou appeared in several campaigns for Calvin Klein. She became an infamous party girl in New York from the ages of 14 to 16, then quit modeling because she thought it was creepy and exploitive. She acquired a record deal with Almo Sounds at 17 and began work on her debut album ‘I’d Rather Eat Glass’. She was cast in ‘Black and White’ by director James Toback after being introduced to her by Leonardo DiCaprio. Bijou has continued to make films since then, toting her 4-track and guitar to shoots and working on what will be her second album between takes.

27)Katie Zahn – A nurse in San Fierro, Katie is another of CJ’s female friends who he needs to keep entertained…Voice Actress: China Chow - The child of late model/designer Tina Chow and restauranteur Michael Chow, China was he first college graduate in her family graduating from Scripps College, majoring in psychology. She spent several years as a model, following in her mother’s footsteps: She posed for Shiseido cosmetics in Japan, was seen on billboards for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, was named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s “It Girls” in 1996, and was named in the December 1996 edition of Vogue magazine’s “The Next Best-Dressed List”. Her acting debut was in 1998’s “The Big Hit”, co-starring Mark Wahlberg.

28) Bettina – One of Jizzy B’s “ho’s”, Bettina is a regular down at The Pleasuredome. Voice Actor: Noelle Sadler

29) Maccer - A former member of the drugged out Manchester dance band, The Gurning Chimps, Maccer was once the millionaire poster boy for hedonism and reckless excess. Out of the scene for while now, Maccer is preparing to make his big comeback while attempting to stay clean and sober - between bad acid trips and vigorous bouts of masturbation that is. Voice Actor: Shaun Ryder, a native of Manchester, England, Ryder was the founder and the lead vocals of the band Happy Mondays which was formed in 1985. One of the leaders of the early 80s/late 90s drug ladden rave music scene, they’re sound was influenced by the 60s psychedelia, 70s funk and 80s house music coupled with Ryder’s rap-like vocal style. In 1987, the group released its debut album, “Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile,” this was followed up by the more successful “Bummed,” in 1988. “Bummed” catapulted the Happy Mondays to the top of the British music charts and solidified they’re audience base. In 1990 Happy Mondays released they’re third album, “Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches” which went to number one on the UK charts.

30) Kent Paul – Surviving the decadence of Vice City, Kent Paul has made his way West to Las Venturas and is now helping his old pal Maccer plan his successful return to the world of pop music. Voice Actor: Danny Dyer was born on July 24, 1977, in Canning Town, East London. One of Dyer’s most memorable roles was in the cult Brit-flick “Human Traffic (1999),” where he played the Moff, an ecstasy popping club kid. This followed by more supporting roles in the features: “Greenfingers (2000)” and “Mean Machine (2001).”

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