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Stefy NRG & ALESSIA KAY - WHISPER New single included special Remixes by Sander , Maurizio Gubellini , Prezioso & Marvin

Stefy NRG & Alessia Kay: a cupole of girls that have great energy to spread all over the world! They are ready to make you dance to the sound Made In Italy of “Whisper” a song that will take you away at the first listening. Published by on CD, distribution by SELF, and digital download on the main music shop of the world.

“Whisper” this is the title of the second track taken from the album “Music Is my Life” made by the Italian famale Dj/Producer and Author Stefy NRG. Included 5 unreleased remixes. From Hands up , to Trance, to Elettrodance.. it really makes dance everybody. A cd for every kind of taste, released in collaboration with great names of dance made in Italy !

“Whisper” is the second single taken from the album “Music Is My Life”made by “Witch of Mixer” Stefy NRG. The song is born from the collaboration between Stefy and the singer, Author, producer Alessia Kay, powerful black voice but she has white skin. Included 5 new remixes where it could be apprecieted the complete lyrycs of the song, not published in the Album Version made only of music and vocal samples. Time swings from 128 to 140 bpm, opened with European tracks, then house commercials and sperimental songs come. The Tracklist included Stefy NRG & Sander (They use the name Sa-N-R-G), the touch of the Producer Sander is unmistakable as soon as you listen to it on Sander Remix. 90’s taste for Dj Anthony remix, melody and magical atmosphere in the Maurizio Gubellini remix e elettrodance but melodic style in the track made by Prezioso & Marvin. The tracks are good both for radio and dancefloors. Nothing has left than switch on your cd player and let the music take you in this musical, magical world.. “Keep on Dancing Wherever You Are”.
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