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Friday, June 25th tribute to Michael Jackson

From the world of Italian dance music a tribute to Michael Jackson with charitable purposes.. Italian Concert in Milano.

Friday, June 25th the world will stop for a moment to remember a star in the firmament of music that has left an indelible mark of his brilliance.

Exactly one year after the demise of Michael Jackson the world of music and entertainment will celebrate a tribute to the man who was universally recognized as the “king of pop” and just in the wake of this homage deserves the attention the Bandance project..

Behind the name of this impromptu band there are nine distinguished artists of dance music made in Italy from the ’80s until now, who decided to combine the tribute to Michael Jackson with a beneficial transaction for the pediatric department of the “Saint Paul” Hospital in Milan.

To achieve this end, the nine singers have gathered in a recording studio for sing a sweet and beautiful ballad entitled “Guiding Star” and dedicated to Michael Jackson that subsequently has been inserted in a CD single and the profits from the sale of this record will be used as donation to the hospital in Milan.

In addition to the musical value of the song and the laudable humanitarian purposes, raises curiosity the pool of voices that alternate in the verses of the song and come together in perfect alchemy in the beautiful choral refrain because it ranges from those of the Italodisco’s star of yesteryear like Ryan Paris (unforgettable its “Dolce Vita”), P. Lion (author of the ’80s smash hit “Happy Children”), Miko Mission (at the top of the vintage charts with “How Old Are You” ) to those of successful figures of contemporary Italodance music as Vivian B (from Da Blitz), Kim Lukas, Neja, Luca Zeta, Nathalie Aarts (from The Soundlovers), and Be Angel.

Obviously all of Bandance artists have lent their works for free, and are confident that the successful outcome of tribute to Michael Jackson may also be a way to give back a smile to many children helping who takes care of them in difficult times of illness.

The CD (printed by Pull Music and distributed by Self Distribution) will be released on June 25th, the same day when many radio stations simultaneously will start to program “Guiding Star” on their frequencies.