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Banca Europea finanzia impianto solare termodinamico in Spagna

The European Investment Bank has granted a Eur60-million loan for the first large-scale commercial solar thermal power plant in Europe, the EIB said Friday. The new concentrating solar thermal power generation plant near Granada will have a net capacity of 50 MW. The power plant is designed to generate electricity continuously to the grid when in operation.

“Generating power from the renewable solar source will allow

replacing more polluting fossil fuel-fired plants, thereby

contributing to national and EU efforts to use indigenous

renewable energy and to contrast climate change,” the EIB said.

“The project supports Spain’s policy to develop 200 MWe of solar

thermal generation capacity, an objective likely soon to be

significantly increased.”

The project benefits from EU research funds. It incorporates

EU innovative elements on technology developed in the US to

raise energy conversion and operating efficiency and to reduce

costs. The loan is being provided to the special purpose company

AndaSol-1 Central Termosolar Uno, which is owned by ACS (75%)

and Solar Millenium (25%).