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Un convertitore dal codice f77 al codice f90 a cura di M. Metcalf del Cern di Ginevra

A program to convert FORTRAN 77 source form to Fortran 90 source
! form. It also formats the code by indenting the bodies of
DO-loops *
! and IF-blocks by ISHIFT columns. Statement keywords
! followed if necessary by a blank, and blanks within tokens
are *
! are suppressed; this handling of
blanks is
! If a CONTINUE statement terminates a single DO loop, it
is *
! replaced by END
! Procedure END statements have the procedure name added,
if *
! blanks are
! Statements like INTEGER*2 are converted to INTEGER(2),
if blanks *
! are handled. Depending on the target processor, a
further global *
! edit might be required (e.g. where
2 bytes correspond to KIND=1). *
! Typed functions and
assumed-length character specifications are *
treated similarly. The length specification *4 is removed for all
! data types except CHARACTER, as is *8 for COMPLEX.
! treatment of non-standard type declarations includes
! non-standard IMPLICIT
! Optionally, interface blocks only may be produced; this
requires *
! blanks processing to be requested. The interface
blocks are *
compatible with both the old and new source

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