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Le estensioni da .sg a .sou
SG Image file (SnapGraphix)
SG1 Graphics file (Stanford Graphics)
SGF Document w/graphics (StarWriter)
SGF Graphics file (Sonique)
SGI Graphics file (IRIS)
SGI Graphics file (Silicon Graphics)
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGP Statistics file (STATGRAPHICS Plus)
SGT Save/Get keyboard macro (Signature)
SH Shell script (Unix)
SH ASCii archive (Unix/SHAR)
SH3 Presentaion file (Harvard Graphics)
SHB Presentation (Corel Show)
SHB Document shortcut file
SHG Bitmap (HotSpot)
SHK Compressed Apple archive (SHRINKIT)
SHK Compressed archive (Arthurian Shrink Archiver)
SHM Shell macro (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)
SHN Audio compression file (Shorten)
SHP DOS shapes file (3D Studios)
SHP File format used by some programs for 3D modeling of multipart interactive
triangle models
SHP Shapefile spatial data format (used by many GIS programs)
SHP Source code and shape file for text fonts (AutoCAD)
SHR File archive (Unix ASCii) (SHAR)
SHS Shell scrap file; reportedly used to send “password stealers”
SHTML HTML file containing Server Side Includes (SSI)
SHW Presentation (Corel Show)
SHW Presentation (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
SHW Slide Show (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
SHX Shape entities (AutoCAD)
SHX Shapefile spatial index file (ArcView)
SIF Setup installation files (Microsoft Windows NT)
SIG Signature file (PopMail)
SIG Current program settings (Signature)
SIK Backup files (Microsoft Word for Windows)
SIK Backup files (Sicherungskopie)
SIT Compressed archive of Mac files (Stuffit)
SIZ Configuration file (Oracle 7)
SKA Secret Keyring file (PGP)
SKF Drawing file (AutoSketch)
SKL Resource file (Macromedia Director)
SL Save Layout extension (PACT)
SL Source code file (S-Lang)
SLB Slide Library File (AutoCAD)
SLC Compiled SALT script (Telix)
SLD Slide File (AutoCAD)
SLI Slide file (MAGICorp Slide Service)
SLK Symbolic link spreadsheet (SLYK)
SLL Sound data file (Generic)
SLT Script application language (SALT) (Telix script source)
SM Source code file (Smalltalk)
SM Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)
SM Script file (ScriptMaker)
SM Text file (Samna Word)
SM3 Symbol file (DataCAD)
SMD Video game console ROM emulator file
SMF Fax document (SMARTFAX)
SMK Image file (Deer’s Revenge)
SMK Image file (Smack Player)
SMK Image file (Nascar Racing ‘99)
SMM Macro (AMI Pro)
SMP Samplevision format
SMP Sample file (AdLib Gold)
SMS Emulator ROM image file (8-bit Sega Master System)
SMT Text file (Smart Ware II)
SMT SmartObject file (IconAuthor)
SND Sound file (NeXt)
SND Sound resource (Macintosh)
SND Raw unsigned PCM data
SNDR Sound file (Sounder)
SNDT Sound file (SndTool)
SNG Midi song file (Midisoft Studio)
SNG Midi song file (Prism)
SNM Mailbox (mail folder) index (Netscape)
SNO Source code file (Snobol4)
SNP Output video file (Computer Eyes)
SO Shared library file (Unix)(equivalent to a Windows DLL)
SOL Solution file (Common used with game examples,tutorials)
SOM Network serial numbers (Quattro Pro)
SOM Sort information files (Paradox)
SON Song file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II)
SOU Sound file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio)

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