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000 - @@@

Le estensioni da .000 a .@@@
000 Data file (GEOWorks)
1ST Documenting wizard list (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
001/999 Database index files used by (Superbase)
8 Source file (Assembly) (Similar to Microsoft Assembler)
113 Backup data file (Iomega Backup)
12M Smartmaster file (Lotus 1-2-3 ‘97)
123 Lotus 123 97 file
1-STEP Backup file (Iomega Backup)
2D Two-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) (
2GR VGA Graphics driver/configuration files (Microsoft Windows)
3GR VGA Graphics driver/configuration files (Microsoft Windows)
3D Three-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) (
3DM 3D NURBS modeler, (Rhino)
3DS A file in 3D Studio (for DOS) format
386 A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor
411 Data file (Used by digital cameras)
4GE Compiled code (Informix 4GL)
4GL Source code (Informix 4GL)
4V Music file (Quartet)
669 Music mod file (Composer 669)(Unis Composer)
669 Tracker module (Composer 669)

(es: #12)

A method of numbering picture files for a roll of film that has been scanned
for computer presentation
$$$ Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files
~PR Project backup file (Terramodel)
~$~ Temporary file (1ST Reader)
~AP AppExpert project database file (Borland C++ 4.5)
~DE Project backup file (Borland C++ 4.5)
~MN Menu backup (Norton Commander)
@@@ Screen files used in the installation and instruction on use of such applications
as Microsoft Codeview for C

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