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NLP prima parte

Ludmila ci guiderà nello studio della NLP ma con gli occhi di una europea dell'EST.

Sono felice di avviare una interessante collaborazione con una collega, Nikitina Lyudmila, in formazione presso la facoltà di Psicologia nell’università di Odessa, che mi invierà una serie di articoli in inglese sulla NLP, che in Italiano traduciamo con PNL.

Ormai anche nelle repubbliche ex sovietiche, le nuove tecniche di psicoterapia si stanno affermando. Buona lettura a tutti.


 ” … When we have thought up the name ” NLP, a lot of people said: ” It seems like the control of mind ” - as there is something bad. I have told: ” Yes, certainly, if you do not start to supervise and use your own brain then you should simply leave it on an arbitrariness of destiny ” (Richard Bendler).

In these words of one of founders of NLP, is reflected a direction of psychology which is very popular today. So what is the difference of this psychological direction from existed earlier? If you are working as the practical psychologist, it is necessary to use methods of many different schools including NLP therefore I suggest looking at this innovation in a comparative kind and showing a provisional estimation of it. We shall begin with the most impressing characteristics of a method of NLP.

At the first, as we can see at use NLP, it’s operating by such deep structures of mentality of the person, which practically exclude the conscious control and resistance to created changes. Necessary correction occurs directly in subconsciousness and should be execute naturally. That is the reason of very high efficiency and speed of the rendered help. For example, at traditional schools it is considered, that the realizing of the problem by client is the way to its liquidation despite of time expenses and desire of the client.

The second is an absence of the sufficient maintenance in used methods. The client of the NLP-expert actually can not tell about details of the problem and he will receive what he wanted anyway. It looks like a little bit mysteriously, but it is true.

Thirdly, the paradigm of NLP is sufficient original. It assumes that the person should study permanently in new ways of behaviour, and problems arise only when it does not have corresponding model of behaviour for overcoming a some situation.

Everything that the psychologist of this school should do is to learn corresponding models of behaviour of people requiring it. That it is better to understand it I will show an example of the approach to the same problem of psychologists from psychoanalysis school and NLP-expert.


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