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NLP 3° parte

Parte finale del primo articolo sulla NLP che ci giunge dagli studi condotti a Odessa.

NLP 1° parte

NLP 2° parte

Using of receptions of NLP for manipulation with human consciousness in the mercenary purposes leads to a gradual internal devastation of the manipulator and destruction of his mentality. All the matter is that NLP operates with the deepest, not giving in to the conscious control, processes of mentality. And to impart any model of thinking to the interlocutor (I mean to impart your own exaggeration), for the beginning you build this model in your head and involuntarily impart it to yourself and only then send to the address. Accumulation and displaying past time of such destructive “commands” creates the conflict in mentality and the manipulator falls ill. Therefore in this direction of psychology it is important to wish somebody else only that you wish to yourself. The influence should be more accurately and more harmoniously as more as deep it is. And it first of all is important for health of the psychologist than for the client, even if it looks strangely. This phenomenon - perhaps, the only thing of that it is necessary to be afraid in NLP. Nevertheless, I consider that methods of NLP can be used for formation of the person which will be capable to form the mentality of itself, priorities and character by similar way of how the skilled stylist selects clothes, a make-up, etc.

There an analogue of it in real life, for example - skills which skilled yogas own.

A lot of people ask a question: «are methods of NLP dangerous?”

I would answer like this: “there is the knife on your kitchen and there is possible not only to cut off a piece of bread, but also to kill somebody by it. Why you don’t kill anybody?” Always was so: the most criticized thinks or things in a consequence appear the most interesting.

Everyone chooses what it wants…

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