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2° NLP prima parte

La prima parte del secondo articolo di Ludmila, che ci viene inviato da Odessa, sull'utilizzo della NLP

Most of people know how NLP deciphered – Neuro-linguistic programming. But there are not so many people who can professionally and equally well operate with all of three parts of this explanation. What NLP usually accuse of? Technological methods of the approach to the decision of problems! But it is much more interesting to explain all by mysterious Russian soul, karma, energy and prediction. And what exactly NLP does? Throws light on “thin matters “, allows uninitiated to understand, what is what. And it is not pleasant for many people. I personally some times met psychics, calibrated what they do, and explained to myself how it can be understood by NLP. Probably, I also have not noticed something. I do not see aura, but instructions like “imagine” allow me “to see” your aura of any colour. I can easily learn it. But that I have noticed has allowed me to understand that frequently these “extrasensory” methods bring a lot of quite concrete harm. Here is the most typical example: The person who is pretending the extrasence lists all known bodies of a body and tells that they are sick. Unfortunately, all people are inspired to some extent; therefore, probably the result of such “treatment” will be situation when the person will receive some new, quite concrete illnesses. NLP, unlike the above-stated technique, works with something the client already have - with fears, the conflicts, unpleasant memories. And work can be conducted by words - the client tells about everything what he is thinking about, or in full silence from the client when he does everything mentally, and the NLP-expert supervises over process of work of the client, giving him the instruction.

Sometimes people are frightened by a word “programming”. Our memories are coded in our brain, and if we shall imagine something then the old memories will be superseded by new. Often people tell that they don’t want to get changes like this. If there was an irreparable misfortune with someone what will be better - to experience it again every day like in reality, or to leave it in the past?

There is a saying: “it’s useless to cry about the spilled milk”. Some invalids find in themselves forces to submit North Pole, to participate in sports competitions, to be engaged in business and on many other things.