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Bubblegum Crisis - Wild and scarred

Altra splendida canzone tratta dagli O.A.V. di Bubblegum Crisis degli anni '80 tradotta e riadattata per il pubblico americano. Questa volta si tratta di "kizudarake no wild".

Shattered dreams,
Broken hearts,
But for once my crystal castles in the sky,
Washed away
By the tears so bitterly I cry.
I’m not the only one
In the sea of light
Holding pain in my heart.

Midnight Dreaming

There is no peace out in the angry city streets.
I hear them stirring in my memory,
They keep on calling.
I won’t give in;
This race with time will never end,
Those demons in the past tormenting me.


No longer hide the courgage deep inside.
I’m running free I was born to be
Wild at heart.

We just speak rough out in these angry city streets.
Though unseen walks may try and block the way
They keep on falling.
I won’t give in
Because I know that in the end,
Tenderness is the gift
Pain gives to me.

Never mind.

I’ve learned to fly with wings that’re weak and scarred.
I’m running free I was born to be
Wild at heart.