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Yami no purple eye - Don't Fight the Feeling

A grande richiesta accontentiamo i fans di Chie Shinohara che ci hanno chiesto di pubblicare il testo di alcune canzoni di "Yami no purple eye".

(M) When the change is comin’ on
It hits you like a hammer
(F) A feelin’ I don’t understand
I feel it gettin’ out of hand
(M) Just remember who you are
Before you’re torn to pieces
(B) Slow down, start countin’ to ten

* (M) Girl, don’t fight the feeling
Whatever you do
(F) Keep on breathin’ nice and easy
(B) When it’s comin’ over you
(M) Please, don’t fight the feeling
Just go for the ride
Take some good advice and you’ll find
(F) I’ll be all right

(M) Use your natural instincts
Your woman’s intuition
(F) I’ll never set my mind at ease
Until I set my feelings free
(M) If you listen to your heart
The rest will surely follow
(B) Slow down, girl, I’m tellin’ you

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(B) Girl, there is/I need a better way
You/I can make it through okay
If you/I just do what I say

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(M) Just remember girl
(F) I’ll be all right
(M) Use your natural instincts
(F) I remember
(M) You’ll be all right
(F) So nice and easy
M - Parte maschile
F - Parte femminile
B - Entrambi