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Recensioni di " Spindelsinn"

Per coloro che vogliono fare un salto nel passato, riportiamo, in lingua inglese, alcune delle recensioni dell'album del 1997 di Kari: Spindelsinn

«Spindelsinn» is some of the most exciting things we’ve heard from a debutante, and the best songs are pure revelations. Sissel has touched upon some of the same things, and how come she lets a Trondheim girl beat her to it remains a mystery. This is folk music anno 1997!» (Tore Bø for Bergensavisen 21. februar 1997)

«Spindelsinn» is neither a pop nor a rock album, but rather an experimental approach to the folk song genre. As such it is both interesting and sensational — and last but not least solid.» (Stein Østbøe for Verdens Gang, February 22nd 1997)

«At times the background synthesizers comes in the way of of Kari’s very good melody lines and fantastic voice. Although she sometimes manages to use these to pull the magical powers of the music forward, in some songs there’s a bit too much Olympia fanfares and eurodisco. But it doesn’t ruin the album as such.» (Kjell Henning Thon for Aftenposten, February 24th 1997)

«It is far from just the dainty sound picture that makes you listen with ears as big as dinner-plates. Because this is genuinely exciting. Having Annbjørg Lien on hardingfiddle can hardly do Rueslåtten’s credibility any harm.» (Paal Kvamme for Bergens Tidende, Februar 27th 1997)

«The combination of the unique voice, the peculiar musical direction and the at times very impressive melodies makes Rueslåtten a big exclamation mark.» (Håkon Moslet for Dagbladet, February 25th 1997)

«Rueslåtten is experimenting on the landscape of folk music, with a modern framing that sometimes can get a bit too plain. She makes beautiful and nature mystic moods the way noone has done here in Norway since Bel Canto, and she is without doubt a worthy heirness to Anneli Drecker as far as the splendour of voice concerns. Spindelsinn is one of this year’s most exciting Norwegian releases.» (Jeanette Sjøberg for BEAT 2/97)

«A True pop queen is born.» (Arild Rønsen for Puls Furore, February 1997)

«Not all of the 10 songs are as good. But the best ones are superb, full as they are of a young girl’s eager and glow. «Spindelsinn» is a playful surplus album. That’s what makes it so lovely.» (Kjetil Wold for Stavanger Aftenblad, February 25th 1997)

«The best part is that she might be adding something to the old traditions. It’s not every day you get seduced by a wood nymph, so you should enjoy this ‘till you’re completely spellbound!» (Panorama)

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