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Recensioni di "Demo Recording"

Sparito dalla circolazione discografica molto in fretta (andato esaurito in un batter di ciglio), ecco quel che "rimane" di Demo Recording

This CD was first released some years ago, but I never could get a copy, because it was sold out very soon. Last year, the album was finally rereleased. It consists of nine demo-songs, Kari Rueslatten recorded after she left The 3rd and the mortal. The songs are very beutiful and soft, you won’t find any distorted guitars on this album. Some parts remind me a bit of Dead can dance, others of artists like Tori Amos or Kate Bush. Except for a few acoustic guitars, most of the music consists of keyboards, piano, programmings and samplings. But the music isn’t of much importance anyway: Instead of these “synthetic” sounds, Kari creates a mystical atmosphere, with some folk and medieval influences, mostly just by her voice. Often there is just a rythm or a melody, the rest is done by her multiple vocalrecordings.
The CD starts with “The homecoming song”, a “swinging” song, which sounds a bit like “dancing around a fire”. The melancholic folksong “Vakenatt” is the only track in Norwegian. “The gathering” sounds very dark and mystical. The next song “Rapunsel” is one of the highlights of the album. It’s a strange mixture of synthesizer sounds and medieval melodies and acoustic guitars. It develops its own, original charm. “Forsaken” features only a piano and Kari’s voice. It’s a very moody, melancholic song and shows the immense vocaltalent of the female singer. She has a lot of emotion in her voice, that was what I had loved about The 3rd and the mortal. “The shadowchant” is a very atmospheric, dark song, which reminds me a bit of her former band, but without any guitars. The next track “In here” is a beutiful song with acoustic guitars. It is one of the more positive sounding songs, not as dark and melancholic as the others. But “Dead” is again a very dark and moody piano-song. The last track “In a day” is a short vocal solo, without any music.
Even if you consider “Demo recordings” a regular release, it’s a fantastic album ! The music is not very spectacular, instruments and sounds are used very sparingly (that’s why I don’t rated any music below). But they build the perfect atmosphere, a kind of platform for Kari’s beautiful, emotional vocals. I had to get used to the samplings and programmings. First I thought, they were used only because it had been cheaper for a demo, instead of using “real” instruments. But now I find these sounds very fitting. I love the album as it is ! All fans of the first The 3rd and the mortal-releases, especially the softer songs, will like this, too. Although Kari Rueslatten doesn’t seem to make music for a metal-audience, I know that many metal-fans love those kind of melancholic, moody songs, so check it out ! 

I’ve been looking for this album ever since I heard it was made a couple of years ago, but it seems as it it’s not possible to find anywere and it was sold out at Kari Productions. Then suddently it just stod there! It has been re-released and I quickly got my hands on it. This is some demo Kari did after she left The 3rd and the Mortal and Storm. This was all done just so she could see what she could do on her own with her own favourite music. It’s all really just a tribute to Karis incredible vocals which works as the main instrument with keyboards and some session musicians on piano, acustic guitar and contra bass. It’s very much like the traditional norweigan folksongs but it’s all newly written and most of it is in english. The result is astonishing, simple folkmusic like melodies and her fantastic vocals. The production is quite good, btu this kind of music doesn’t demand much I guess, it sounds very good anyway, so it’s nothing to be bothered by. So if you liked the folkmusical touch on Storm or just like to listen to some very nice vocalistic music, then this is something for you. The only sad things are that it’s only 33.47 min long and it’s very difficult to find.

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