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Conferenze in 2 universita' UK: Exeter e St Andrews

E' tempo di conferenze, soprattutto all'estero. Per settembre sono state programmate ben 2 conferenze di alto livello in Gran Bretagna, Exeter e St.Andrews. I programmi dettagliati delle conferenze, inclusi i titoli delle singole relazioni, sono stati inclusi qui di seguito. Unica avvertenza: prendere attentamente nota delle date di scadenza di ciascuna conferenza. Ovviamente tutti gli incontri saranno in lingua inglese.



A conference at the University of Exeter

1-4 September 2009

Booking is now open for this exciting conference. For more details, including registration forms, costs and a full conference programme, visit or contact either of the conference organizers, Dr Matthew Wright (M.Wright AT and Dr Karen Ní Mheallaigh (K.Ni-Mheallaigh AT The final date for booking is MONDAY 27 JULY.

Speakers and topics:

* Eran Almagor (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): ‘Irony and the Unreliable Narrator in Plutarch’s Lives’

* Sarah Bolmarcich (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities): ‘Didactic irony in Thucydides’

* James Brusuelas (University of California, Irvine): ‘An ironic continuum: ancient and modern ironic discourse in Lucian’s Nekyomanteia’

* David Engels (Université Libre de Bruxelles): ‘Irony and Plato’s Menexenus’

* Philip Etherington (King’s College, London): ‘Levels of understanding in Philostratus’ Imagines’

* Vivienne Gray (University of Auckland): ‘The ironical Xenophon’

* Joseph Howley (University of St Andrews): ‘Irony and miscellany: the table of contents of the Noctes Atticae’

* Domenico Lembo (Università "Federico II" di Napoli): ‘Between eironeia and irony’

* Marko Marinčič (University of Ljubljana): ‘Irony and Alexandrianism’

* Damien Nelis (Université de Genève): ‘Irony in Catullus 64’

* Karen Ní Mheallaigh (University of Exeter): ‘Irony and narrative.’

* Dennis Pausch (University of Giessen): ‘Instruction or entertainment? Livy narrates the reign of Romulus’

* Ian Ruffell (University of Glasgow): ‘Character, plot or stance? Irony in ancient comic theory and practice’

* Marios Skempis (University of Basel): ‘Ironic Demarcation: Declaring Lyric Identity in Bacchylides 17’

* Isabelle Torrance (Notre Dame University, Indiana): ‘Intertextual irony in Euripides: who got it?’

* Catherine Ware (National University of Ireland, Maynooth): ‘Claudian’s Praise of the Emperor Honorius’

* Michael Stuart Williams (National University of Ireland, Maynooth): ‘Empsonian Irony in Augustinian Africa’

* Matthew Wright (University of Exeter): ‘The birth of irony’




School of Classics, University of St Andrews

7-9 September 2009

Booking is now open for the ‘Scientists and Professionals in the Ancient World’
conference. Please visit the conference website:

A booking form (bottom of the page) may be completed on-line, or printed out and
posted (together with payment) to Mrs Margaret Goudie
(classcon AT

Booking deadline: 29 August 2009
Venue: School of Classics, Swallowgate 11, Butts Wynd, St Andrews

Conference organisers: Dr Emma Gee (ergg AT, Dr Jason Koenig
(jpk3 AT, Dr Katerina Oikonomopoulou (ao40 AT,
Professor Greg Woolf (gdw2 AT

The conference is part of the activities of the Leverhulme project ‘Science and
Empire in the Roman World’

The conference programme is available from the conference website: