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Fear in the Ancient World-Conferenza in Florida (Gainsville University)

Do notizia di questa conferenza svoltasi il 14 novembre scorso nell'Università di Gainsville (Florida). Il ritardo è dovuto alla assenza dalla mia città. Tuttavia spero di avere un resoconto di questo incontro che, a giudicare dal tema abbastanza attuale, e non limitato al passato, era meritevole di un'ampia partecipazione. Non appena mi pervengono notizie in merito, ritornerò volentieri sull'argomento.


Fear in the Ancient World - An international Conference

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Fear is practically absent from American political discourse. The one most notable exception is President Roosevelt’s famous address on the subject during the Great Depression. Why are we so unwilling to consider how fear impacts our domestic and foreign policies? What might we gain from comfronting this troubling emotion more directly?

The ancient discourse on fear is by contrast varied and complex. From Homer through Late Antiquity, ancient authors have acknowledged the impact that fear has on decision making and have come to a wide range of conclusions on how best to manage this emotion. While recent studies have contributed extensively to our understanding on how the ancients conceptualized anger, shame, pity, and envy, less attention has been given to fear.

By bringing together foremost scholars of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East, we hope to reconstruct an archaeology of fear comparable to that of the other emotions and to better understand the gulf that separate us from antiquity by considering this emotion which we seek most to deny.


10:00-10:30: Opening Remarks
Robert Wagman, Chair of Classics (University of Florida)
Andrew Wolpert (University of Florida)

10:30-11:30: “The Subjectivity of Fear as Reflected in Ancient Greek Wording and Syntax”
Gregory Nagy (Harvard University and the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, DC)

11:30-12:00: Discussion

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-2:00: “The Lexicon of Fear”
Andrew Riggsby (University of Texas-Austin)

2:00-2:30: Discussion

2:30-3:00: Break

3:00-4:00: “Happiness, Fear, Law, and More Fear in the Achaemenian Imperial Imaginary”
Bruce Lincoln (University of Chicago)

4:00-4:30: Discussion

4:30-5:00: Concluding Remarks
Victoria Pagán (University of Florida)

Andrew Wolpert , Department of Classics, University of Florida
Victoria Pagán , Department of Classics, University of Florida

Sponsored by the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere with support from the Yavitz Fund
Co-Sponsored by the Department of Classics

This event is free and open to the public

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