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  • Christmas pudding

    English puddings are usually sweet, but there are also savoury versions like the steak and kidney pudding. In principle, its name implies that they are cooked, but nowadays also soufflés, jellies and so on, are classified as pudding too.

  • Conditum melizomum viatorium

    Conditum meliziomum perpetuum quod subministratur per viam peregrinanti.

  • Canbellette eccellente

    Ciambelle – ricetta medievale

  • Broccoli cake

    It's only recently that I have started doing "savoury" cakes, mainly because I didn't know when people would eat them. They are certainly not ideal at tea-time! But we have been selling them well for evening receptions. This recipe was inspired by Guy Martin's broccoli cake, from his wonderful book "Legumes". (Rose Carrarini)

  • Baked custard

    A mixture of eggs and milk with a jelly-like consinstency

  • Cassata a la siciliana

    E' 'nu tradizionali "cosa dunci" di Pasqua, oramai sparsu ppi tuttu lu munnu eca si pò aviri ppi tuttu l'annu.

  • Applesauce

    From "The Housekeeper's Guide", 1838, Esther Copley

  • Whole-wheat bread (pan bigio)

    A taste of the countryside

  • Muffins

    A small delight