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Il Cockney English dei londinesi

L'inglese parlato dai Londoners, il Cockney

Durante il XIX° secolo, la malavita a Londra sviluppò il proprio linguaggio segreto, spesso basato su uno slang rimato. Ecco alcune espressioni particolari:

Note / Esempi

have a butchers take a look da butcher’s hook = look
come in “take a butchers at that”
north and south mouth
plates feet da plates of meat = feet
come in “you’ve got big plates”
boat race face come in “nice legs, shame about the boat race”
skin and blister sister
trouble wife da trouble and strife = wife
come in “going home to the trouble”
dustbin lids kids / children
whistle suit da whistle and flute = suit
come in “do you like the whistle?”
Adam and Eve believe come in “would you Adam and Eve it?”
Rosie Lea tea come in “I’d love a cup of rosie”
Mutt and Jeff deaf
oily rag fag = cigarette come in “I’m going for an oily”
jam jar car
mince pies eyes come in “feast your mincers on this”
pen and ink stink come in “cor! what a pen and ink”
porky lie da pork pies = lies
come in “he’s telling porkies”
Barnet hair da Barnet Fair = hair
come in “he’s losing his Barnet”
Brahms pissed (i.e. “drunk”) da Brahms and Liszt = pissed
Gregories glasses / spectacles da Gregory Pecks = specs
Titfer hat da tit for tat = hat
apples and pears stairs
Jimmy urinate da Jimmy Riddle = piddle
borassic broke / skint da borassic lint = skint
come in “can’t go out, I’m borassic”
two and eight state come in “he’s in a bit of a two and eight”
Bertie Woofter gay man da Bertie Woofter = poofter
China mate / friend da China plate = mate
come in “how are you, my old China”
Khyber buttocks da Khyber Pass = arse
rabbit and pork talk come in “Don’t rabbit so much”
tea leaf thief
potato mould cold da in “it’s a bit taters in here”
dog and bone phone come in “you’re wanted on the dog and bone”
loaf head da loaf of bread = head
come in “Use your loaf”
brown bread dead
battle cruiser boozer boozer = pub = public house (a place to drink)
elbows and knees trees
gold watch Scotch Scotch = whiskey
pride and Joy boy Take the pride and joy to the match
current bun Sun I’m going out to get a bit of current bun
dicky shirt da dicky dirt = shirt
pots and pans hands
Peckham Rye tie dal nome di un posto di Londra
Hampstead Heath teeth dal nome di un posto di Londra
jugs ears da jugs of beers = ears
Errol Flynn chin
almonds socks da almond rocks = socks
ones and twos
rhythm and blues
daisies boots da daisy roots = boots
bird prison da bird lime = time as in “doing bird”

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