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Il Cockney English dei londinesi (seconda parte)

Altre espressioni slang tipiche londinesi

Note / Esempi

leave it out stop it
the filth the police “look out it’s the filth”
doing porridge serving a prison sentence
beak judge “going up before the beak”
screw prison officer “the worst thing about porridge is the screws”
fence handler of stolen goods
gladrags best clothes “get your gladrags on; We’re going out”
nark police informer “he’s a copper’s nark”
grass up to inform on “I was grassed up”
nonce sexual offender
snout tobacco
sussed out found out “I was sussed out by the filth”
rumbled found out “We’ve been rumbled”
stitched up set up “We’ve been stitched up”
loan shark unofficial money lender
bother a fight “Are you looking for bother?”
guv boss

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