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Culture Shock is back!! At Teatro Derby, every Tuesday!!!

Culture Shock is the first ever live, original comedy show (in English) to be performed in Italy. The show achieved great success during 2007 with 21 completely full evenings at Teatro Zelig.

nvesticom, an Italian bank, has been taken over by Hollyoaks, a major British bank in London.

John Sloan, a senior manager from Hollyoaks, is being sent to Milan to oversee the takeover process. John will be accompanied by his IT colleague Dave Dickens.

Sounds simple? Well, it isn’t…Neither of them are prepared for the series of culture shocks in store and they soon realise just how different life is in their new reality.

They soon realise that the real challenges are not in the office but out there….in everyday life!

Warning: this show is 75% in English. LEVEL: pre-intermediate upwards

Prices €15-10

Every Tuesday at 9pm