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AperoNet - Meet new friends during the happy hour

AperoNet is a social group that meets in the evening at various places in Milan. It's an international mix of Expats & Italians in their 30's-50's. There are usually about 20-30 people at each meetup.

The idea is to meet new people during the aperitivo. The format is simple … no fees, just show up when you like. You just pay the regular prices.
Invitations are usually sent via the Aperonet group on FaceBook.

Checking the past events, you will have an idea of our different events (some of them are free of charge too!): wine tastings, concerts, theater, festivals and so on! Not only “aperitivo” then..

If you are not on FaceBook, or if you can’t access it very often or if it’s blocked from work join this mailing list that replicates all facebook events!

On Tuesdays, AperoNet members meet in a pub close to Cinema Arcobaleno, to meet up before movies in English! And for you it’s jus t €3,50 for the movie!!! €2,50 off normal price!!

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