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Ministry Of Hardcore Vol 4

Una raccolta di produzioni hardcore ultra devastanti

Direttamente dalla label 5th Gear è uscita una raccolta ultra esplosiva di produzioni hardcore che si intitola “Ministry of Hardcore vol 4″.

Sono disponibili ben 46 produzioni una più energica dell’altra; ecco qua di seguito tutti i titoli:

1.Agony - “Just Another Beat”
2.Rough Riders - “God’s Plan”
3.DJ Falcon - “The Evil’s Comeback”
4.Da Groove Man - “Groovin’ Babes”
5.Hydro Morph - “Extreme Reaction”
6.Darksphere - “Evil & Vicious”
7.Secret ID - “Symphonic Identity”
8.Catachist - “At Night”
9.Insane Terrorists - “Dealing With Terror”
10.Resonance - “Straight Ahead”
11.Emh - “Hands In Air”
12.DJ Dalphy - “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”
13.Ingler - “Future Is Dead”
14.Hardcore Interphaze - “Go!”
15.Da Asskicka - “Break Your Ass”
16.Entity - “Another Galaxy”
17.Carapace - “The Invasion”
18.Vlad-O vs O-Zone - “Let’s Kick Some Ass”
19.Scerofline - “Us Against Them”
20.Roots Of Evil - “Come On”
21.The Perpetrator - “Now It’s Time To Play”
22.DJ Deuch - “The Ghost Machine”
23.Army Of Terror - “Alone In The Dark”
24.Mashira - “Hardcore Terrorizm”
25.The Violator - “Ultra Violence” (3614 mix)
26.Arphexa - “Dangerous”
27.Weisswurst - “Crazy Encounter”
28.Master Cynical - “The Sequel”
29.Faces Of Humanity - “Got Some Drumz”
30.Rude Awaking - “Bad Motherfucker”
31.Secret ID - “Sjit Silence”
32.The Wild Party Boys - “Put Your Hands Together!”
33.Hardcore Forces - “Totally Brain Dead”
34.Drachten Terrorrizers - “Like A Gangsta On The Run”
35.Da Asskicka - “Stigmata”
36.The Northern Boyz - “Hardcore Power”
37.Chronotrigger - “Artificial Hardness”
38.Doxoon - “Trip To Hell”
39.Hardcore Gangsta - “Secret Lifes”
40.Faces Of Humanity - “My Concept”
41.DJ Salvo - “Tough Case”
42.STC - “Be A Star”
43.Nucleotyde - “Killer”
44.Hydro Morph - “Let’s Just Say”
45.Hell Distortion - “Fuck & Die”
46.Brainwasher - “Total Brain Destruction”

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