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Queen - Platinum collection

Tre CD con i maggiori successi dei Queen

I successi dei Queen in una raccolta che riepiloga i Greatest Hits Volumes I, II e III.

Successi come “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are The Champions”, “Somebody To Love”, “Another One Bites The Dust”, “Radio Ga Ga” e molti altri trovano spazio nei primi due CD mentre il terzo CD include come “Freddie’s Living On My Own” e diverse traccie che ospitano artisti del calibro di Elton John, David Bowie (Under Pressure) and even former Fugee, Wyclef Jean.


1. Bohemian rhapsody

2. Another one bites the dust

3. Killer queen

4. Fat bottomed girls

5. Bicycle race

6. You’re my best friend

7. Don’t stop me now

8. Save me

9. Crazy little thing called love

10. Somebody to love

11. Now I’m here

12. Good old fashioned lover boy

13. Play the game

14. Flash

15. Seven seas of Rhye

16. We will rock you

17. We are the champions

18. Kind of magic

19. Under pressure

20. Radio ga ga

21. I want it all

22. I want to break free

23. Innuendo

24. It’s a hard life

25. Breakthru

26. Who wants to live forever

27. Headlong

28. Miracle

29. I’m going slightly mad

30. Invisible man

31. Hammer to fall

32. Friends will be friends

33. Show must go on

34. One vision

35. Show must go on

36. Under pressure

37. Barcelona

38. Too much love will kill you

39. Somebody to love

40. You don’t fool me

41. Heaven for everyone

42. Las palabras de amor

43. Driven by you

44. Living on my own

45. Let me live

46. Princess of Universe

47. Great pretender

48. Another ones bites the dust

49. Another one bites the dust

50. No one but you

51. These are the days of our lives

52. Thank God it’s Christmas

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