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Intervisya a Dragan Pavlovic (2)

Kossovo, Macedonia e vera politica Usa

5) What will be the future of Kosovo? Indipendence? Union with Albania?
Partition? Back to Yugoslavia? Eternal Nato occupation?

If we look back into history, we would come to one frightening conclusion:
if the future resembles the past, and there are no reasons why it should
not, there are no frontiers in Europe that will not be changed.
When they
will change and what they will look like, is unpredictable. This applies to Kosovo and Metohia, and Albania.

The principle that a State is an association based on equal rights and obligations, and NOT on ethnic or national principles, can function only in the absence of real-political pressures between large groups of states.
This is not the case for Balkans and most of the world, Europe included.

If it is true that the United States
approach to their energy politics is “crisis maintenance” in strategically
important regions, then the crisis is going to continue, in a way similar to the Middle East, for quite a while.
Have the three American military bases in the Balkans really been built just because of small, nasty Yugoslavia?
Or rather to facilitate an “eternal NATO occupation”, apply pressure on Europe, a strong economic adversary, on Russia, an eternal military threat to USA,
and simultaneously control the Balkans which is an inevitable route for Caspian oil transport.

6) Did NATO or USA help UCK to attack Macedonia? What’s really happening there?

This is more than certain. NATO is in control of Kosovo, that is the back yard of the “rebellion” region in Macedonia.

There is no Ho Chi Minh trail
between Albania and Western Macedonia

There is the NATO trail!

Producing regional crises is a must if the USA wants to control (militarily) this
strategically important region.

7) Is partition of Macedonia among Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria a realistic

As I said before, I think that some states will disappear.
Macedonia is a likely candidate since a number of interests collide there.
The “state under permanent challenge“, as I see Yugoslavia also, and now Macedonia, has meagre chances, and each small possibility for its destabilisation through secession of a minority group-populated territory, if encouraged from the outside, may present a deadly threat.

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