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ciao Roberto, ho ricevuto due e-mail strane (di cui la prima mi preoccupa) e ho pensato alle guide di supereva per saperne di piu'....tu sai aiutarmi? Grazie mille....ecco i testi delle e-mail ricevute con i rispettivi allegati. E-mail A) Ladies and Gentlemen, Downloading of Movies, MP3s and Software is illegal and punishable by law. We hereby inform you that your computer was scanned under the IP . The contents of your computer were confiscated as an evidence, and you will be indicated. In the next days you will receive the charge in writing. In the Reference code: #44397, are all files, that we found on your computer. The sender address of this mail was masked, to fend off mail bombs. - You get more detailed information by the Federal Bureau of Investigation -FBI- - Department for "Illegal Internet Downloads", Room 7350 - 935 Pennsylvania Avenue - Washington, DC 20535, USA - (202) 324-3000 (74.0 KB) e-mail B) hello, I am from Belgium and you'll don't believe me, but a trojan horse in on your computer. I've scanned the network-ports on the internet. (I know, that's illegal) And I have found your pc. Your pc is open on the internet for everybody! Because the smss.exe trojan is running on your system. Check this, open the task manager and try to stop that! You'll see, you can't stop this trojan. When you use win98/me you can't see the trojan!! On my system was this trojan, too! And I've found a tool to kill that bad thing. I hope that I've helped you! Sorry for my bad english! greets remove-smss-patch.exe (74.3 KB) C'e' da preoccuparsi? Grazie, ciao Luca.


Scusa per il ritardo mostruoso con cui ti rispondo. Nulla di che Hoax

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