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Sigurd e Gudrùn

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Sono finalmente apparse le prime recensioni di “The legend of Sigurd and Gudrùn”; vi presento di seguito quelle del Times online e di Tolkien Library.


Fans whose tastes do not stretch farther than Hobbits will be uncomfortable in this murky world of vengeful warriors and witch-women. Yet these same features, together with Tolkien’s bold imagery, his unmatched skill as an alliterative revivalist, and his mastery of a poetic language that is both archaic and direct, will appeal strongly to readers already haunted by the deeper, more sombre musics of Middle-earth.


These poems are of such a high quality, the tales themselves are so old and so touching, the extra info given by Christopher Tolkien so enlightening that I can only conclude that “the Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun” is a fantastic book. I’m already looking forward to the audio book, which will be very fascinating to listen to and suspect this book will be turned into a play, or will be read aloud on numerous occasions. When you read these poems you realize such poems find there origin in an oral tradition and you want to read them alound (and so I did read them myself).

I don’t know whether all Tolkien fans will enjoy these poems, but I’m certain if they try and open up there hearts to it, these tales will leave a sound in there heads of old tales from the North.

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