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  • At the seaside

    At the seaside

  • Mr. Bean's Holiday - After The Credits

    What happens after the credits on Mr. Bean's Holiday.

  • Scherzo al Ciccio

    Scherzo al Ciccio

  • Scherzo in spiaggia a riccione

    Scherzo in spiaggia a riccione

  • palestrato


  • Scherzo in spiaggia

    Scherzo in spiaggia

  • A Closer Look: Craigslist & Couchsurfing

    The video supplement to my Emerson College VM403a Digital Culture class final project on digital ethnography. The video examines and, and the culture behind both sites.

  • Click on JL: Couch Surfing

    There's hundreds of thousands of couches around the world, just waiting for you to sleep on. JL introduces

  • Couchsurfing reportage

    A 10 minute reportage prepared by the journalist Marili Margomenou for the Greek tv station MEGA Channel which was aired on Wednesday June 20, 2007 at the morning show "ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ ΩΡΑ MEGA". At the video the following Greek CS members appear in chronological order: Vanessa ( Manolis ( Aggelos and Lena ( Sergios (

  • Couch-Surfing

    This is a TV news feature story I did about a travel phenomenon called couch-surfing. This piece won First place in region five...and third Place nationally in the SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards

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