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Medioevo Italiano

Reference site on Internet and Middle Ages

Medioevo Italiano web site online from January 1999.

The website deals with historic and scientific issues. The site also has a mission to increase awareness of the medieval period via Internet, and multimedia from a scientific, technical and professional point of view, in order to expand the community of people interested in the subject and act as a point of reference for specific online initiatives. It includes high-quality content and features which are oriented towards research and education. Through its various sections, it is aimed at both students and scholars and a more general public of people with a keen interest. Since 2000, the site’s founder and editor has been flanked by a team of collaborators: university specialists, graduates in humanities and scientific subjects, historians and professionals.
Since 2003, the content has been published as part of the periodical Storiadelmondo with a scientific committee and its own editorial staff, published in conjunction with Medioevo Italiano Project. It is important to mention that the studies are transferred onto multimedia supports, kept at selected libraries. Themed books and individual excerpts are also available in print.

Medioevo Italiano present medioevo-italiano mailing list, medieval italian discussion group, devoted to history, arts and culture.

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