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The Joy Revolution

A new feeling of consciousness is trying to find space among people. It is possible to bring JOY in every work enviroment, and JOY is the Manifestation of the presence of that power. It is a peaceful revolution, silent but deep, that, which I define “JOY REVOLUTION”.

Personal Development looks to all beings, and without entering
In revelation exclusively psychological, which means {in regard
To what I like to present}. that every “activity”, is in strict
Psychologic relation.




“Those three dimensions also constitute the three columns of PSP
On the stage of my life, my experience, has taken me to compare Today those three areas, so I intend to synthesize the acquired knowledge, Sharing with whom really desires that which has been a meaning applicable, Is important to know how to lead our life towards personal success. On the steps of my personal experience, I testify and share as a further indication Or instrument, that every person may bring into consideration to synthasize His or her path.

Being this my thought , it generates and develops PSP.
It is structured in a way that every person can take as much as he thinks is necessary and important.A specific aspect of the program looks at the people in relation
To sociai behavior at work.

Not considering the first six years of my iife, the remaining have passed in strict reiation
With the sociai dimension that we cali “ WORK”
I have been a student , a dish washer, admnistrator ofvarious companies,
Entrepreneur, writer, sai br, manager, schooi principal, teacher, businnessman,
Musician.. One day, after observing all that, I asked myself:

“How come if work is the field in which we spent the majority ofour life Is paradoxically the piace in which we do not ear speaking of Personal grouth, love & joy?.”

“May be people that love arejoyfiil, have children “make love”, write poetry or meditate, that cry or laugh, or grow, are different? NO!

How many times I have asked myseif, this person which right now is “Authority in charge” in other piaces is a happy person, who laughs or cries..

This is due to the enviroment, to the mental maps, conditioning, bla, bla, bla

The “Masters” have always understood and comphrended that the success of Companies is in strict relation with the people belonging to them, and beside having
Understood that, they make it really happen.
This is why the universe has wanted myself in this field instead of another.

This is why I feit to make a foundation years ago, “THE JOY MOVEMENT”

Whose main goal is to bring love &joy in the work field.
This why years ago, as said in my book, arrives inaspectidly, to go to Malta
As a community Leader, to testify in that context of the International association as a
Businness man in full truth gospel..
This is the big NEWS- ieave that the power of Joy mav flow freely wherever
The person may be certanly withouth mental Iimitation..

The process, once started, brings a positive change. the qualities oflife, Major production, and also as a password.
It’s a choice, you can decide to really leave or simply exist in sealed boxes.

The system goes out ofbalance when your focus crystallises in one of the three dimensions.
lf you leave only in a spiritual eye, you may fail into fondamentalism and sectarism.
Jfyou priviledge only the mmd ,, the emptyness ofexistence grows to a drastic
Level and no knoledge can fili it in.
If you grow only the body cult the ego becomes huge until it exsplodes.

Is very difficult and may be not right to focus and reach only a status that, as a criteria,
satisfies the perfect equilibrum of the three dimension.
We must give attention and what’s interesting to us is the tension towards
The centre of the 3 realities. We tend to go and walk towards the centre
Of the triangle BODY-SPIRIT-PSYCHE- (MIND).. We wait for years
For an answer, and many times it do not arrives, because we wait for a manifestation
In one dimension which we never wanted to reach its depths.
lt might be in the phisiology, in the mmd or the spirit. This happens because
The body has an intelligent memory, as for the brain. a physique.

With this approch we must start very cautiouslv. but with concreteness.
We are starting to advance in the field that looks to the spirit.

Do not wait to be a saint io love

My friend, do you want to brake the chains that tie vou anchored to the world’?

My friend do you want to have happinness which you know to have, but you cannot see the outlines.

My friend, do you want to be free, but really free from yourself,
From others, from thirìgs?

My friend, have you lost the track, and you are searching for signals
That show the shelter?

My friend, are you searching for refreshing water. and not a replacement To deceive you?

Ifyou really want to give an answer to all that. there is only one thing to do.

Decide to love no-
There is no need to be a saint to love. No need io substain an exam or test to be yourself
And meet other people.
When we surrender principally to ourselves and then to the circumstances,
We wake up from a dream and fuIl ofenergy and a wanting desire
To go all places in the world, to delight all those things that before we could not see but
We might find in the same place and time.
Have a good training time.


(Fil 4,13)

good training!

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