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Intervista a Danny

...un'intervista un po' datata ma interessante...

Jazz Photo - Link to Website Known to many rock and rollers as “Phantom” of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, keyboardist Danny Federici feels that his new self-titled smooth jazz CD is a return to his roots. Federici is a classically trained musician who moved into rock and roll because it “was a great departure from classical lessons. This is what I really like to do and the kind of music I listen to.” Before Springsteen, Federici played keyboards with Joan Armatrading, The BoDeans, Gary US Bonds and Graham Parker.

With over 30 years of working with Springsteen even before his E Street Band, Danny Federici was able to be that kind of musician that could call his own shots. “When I first came out to the West Coast, I was trying to get some work in film, television and background music,” said Federici. “I realized that some of the stuff I was creating was probably better than some of the stuff I was hearing on the radio.” That dissatisfaction was one of the incentives that encouraged him to record his latest CD