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Murder Incorporated

Testo ed accordi

{c:INTRO}|:[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______:| [em]Bobby’s got a [Dsus2]gun that he [G]keeps beneath his [A]pillow[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______[em]Out on the [Dsus2]street your [G]chances are [A]zero[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______[em]Take a look around you [Dsus2](come on now)[G]It ain’t too compli[A]catedYou’re messin’ with [em]Murder[Dsus2]______[G]In[A]corpo[em]rated[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______ Now you [em]check over your [Dsus2]shoulder [G]everywhere that [A]you go[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______[em]Walkin’ down the [Dsus2]street there’s [G]eyes in every [A]shadow[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______You better [em]take a look around you [Dsus2](come on now)That e[G]quipment you got’s so out[A]datedYou can’t compete with [em]Murder[Dsus2]______[G]In[A]corpo[em]rated[Dsus2]______[G]Everywhere you [A]look now, [em]Murder[Dsus2]______[G]In[A]corpo[em]rated[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______ {c:SOLO}|:[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______:| So you [bm]keep a little secret down [D]deep inside your dresser drawerFor [bm]deeling with the heat you’re feelin’[D] out on the killin’ floorNo [bm]matter where you step you feel you’re[D] never out of dangerSo the [C]comfort that you keep’s a gold-[B7]plated snub-nose thirty-twoI heard that you You got a [em]job down[Dsus2]town, [G]man that leaves your [A]head cold[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______[em]Everywhere you [Dsus2]look live [G]ain’t got [A]no soul[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______That a[em]partment you live in feels like it’s [Dsus2]just a place to hideWhen you’re [G]walkin’ down the street you won’t meet [A]no one eye to eyeThe [em]cops reported you as just an[Dsus2]other homicideBut I can [G]tell that you were just frus[B7]tratedFrom living with Murder Incorporated [em]______[Dsus2]______[G]Everywhere you [A]look now, [em]Murder[Dsus2]______[G]In[A]corpo[em]rated[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______[em]Murder[Dsus2]______[G] In[A]corpo[em]rated[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______ |:[em]______[Dsus2]______[G]______[A]______:|