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Il 2, 3 e 4 Maggio a Boulder (Denver), Colorado

Sarete negli USA per i primi di Maggio, magari dalle parti di Denver? Allora ho quello che fa per voi: un gruppo di fan del Colorado ha organizzato una convention Who a Boulder, cittadina universitaria a una trentina di chilometri da Denver.

Ecco il messaggio originale che mi hanno mandato:

Trish and Scott and I are trying to coordinate a Colorado WhoFest - an opportunity for us to get together and hang out with one another, a chance to talk Who, listen to The Who, share Who “stuff,” tell Who stories, and watch Who videos - a mini Who world.

We’ve got access to a screening room up at the University and hope to set up a screening schedule of cool Who stuff - some pieces that you already know and love and some that will be an unexpected treat.

Unless anyone strenuously objects, we’re looking at the weekend of May 2, 3, 4. Will you come for all of it or part of it? Please drop me a line. Feel free to invite anyone who you think will be a welcome addition.

Lauren (

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