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Chi è Stephanie Heinrich

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I was born on November 13, 1979 and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I come from a fantastic family — I’ve got two great brothers and my mom and dad have been happily married for 32 years. Growing up with two older brothers made me into a total tomboy when I was a kid: We’d always play tag football in our back yard (who would have thought back then that my Centerfold would be set in a football locker room!). We’d also go hunting at the local creek and build snow forts and have huge snowball fights in the winter.
In high school I was a cheerleader, and I was also a teacher’s aide. I would help a couple of my teachers grade papers and get the class assignments organized for the day. My favorite part of high school was definitely hanging out with my friends — we’d go to all the big parties and basketball and football games together. I was pretty popular and had plenty of friends, but I definitely wasn’t judgmental — I was friends with everyone.

After high school I enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. At the time I was majoring in criminal justice, and my goal was to become a homicide detective or even a prosecutor. I was in my sophomore year of college when Playboy came into my life. I’d never modeled before, but I decided to try my luck and audition for the “Girls of Conference USA” pictorial. When I actually made it into the magazine I was totally shocked. You can see me in my Playboy debut in the October 2000 issue. Even though it was only one picture in the magazine, I felt like all my dreams had come true! I couldn’t have imagined what was in store for me next

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