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The Ideal Hair Cycle (26)

English - 26° paragraph -

dr. TARGET="frame86820">Andrea Marliani

dermatologo - endocrinologo

in Firenze

26) Some interesting practical and theoretical considerations
emerge from the foregoing observations:

a) the catagen phase is certainly underestimated, both as to duration
and as to importance. Its duration obviously depends on the depth
of the follicle, but will never be 10 - 15 days, except perhaps
in a vellus;

b) the duration of the telogen phase is heavily overestimated.
We have been perpetuating an error ever since Van Scott standardised
the trichogram in 1957;

c) up to now all medical attempts at therapy in cases of androgenetic
alopecia or defluvium capillorum by blocking the 5 alpha reduction
have sought to lengthen the anagen, not to improve its quality.

Therapy, if it is not to fail, must shift its attention from the
anagen to the catagen.

Our attempts at therapy will be directed towards “optimising
the catagen”, because each hair has the anagen it has derived
from the catagen preceding it.