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Incredible interview with Bad News Allen (aka Brown in WWF period)

GUIDE: How and when did you have the idea of becoming a professional wrestler?

BAD NEWS: After I retired from judo my sensei introduced me to the owners of New Japan Pro Wrestling who offered to trained me. I never thought of becoming a wrestler and was reluctant at first but I went ahead anyway for the money.

GUIDE: What was the most beautiful moment in your career? And how about the worst?

BAD NEWS: The most beautiful moment was when I met my wife, if I hadn’t been a wrestler and gone to Canada to work I would have never met her. The worst was when I wrestled Andre the Giant in Mexico, he was sick and when he threw me into the corner and gave me his famous ass bump and shit all over my chest.

GUIDE: What comments from your fans did you most appreciate?

BAD NEWS: The ones who were helped by the story about my daughter Dawn’s drug problem and death.

GUIDE: Can you name a wrestler (except yourself) you appreciate? And someone you can’t stand?

BAD NEWS: I appreciate Dynamite Kid, Jake the Snake Roberts and Blackcat for their talent, professionalism and great personalities. I can’t stand Dusty Rhodes, The Rougeau Brothers and any other racist.

GUIDE: What do you think about Wrestling & Internet? Is your site important for you?

BAD NEWS: I think the internet is a great way to bring people information, in the past you never knew where wrestlers were unless they were on TV constantly. My site is fun and I enjoy hearing from people about it.

GUIDE: What about your new experiences (color commentating)?

BAD NEWS:That is a lot of fun I work with Razor Rick Titan and were’re good together.

GUIDE: What are the differences between The WWF with Bad News Brown, Macho Man, Bret Hart & WWE for you?

BAD NEWS: There was more wrestling in those days, it wasn’t all focused on tits and ass. I can’t believe some of the things people do for a dollar these days, there are some things you don’t do for any amount of money. These days there doesn’t seem to be many with any self respect or pride.

GUIDE: Would you like to say something for your Italian fans? Will you ever come to see us?

GUIDE: I wrestled in Rome in 1989, the place was sold out. Even though us ‘heels’ were pelted with fruit and juice boxes we put on a good show. I spent a week there with my wife and loved it, I would like to see more of Italy someday.

I would thank Bad News publicly for his kindness and… for great answers!

See ya later for (bad :-D) new great interviews on superEva Wrestling!

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