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The great UFC & NWA Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn with a scoop for italian fans!

GUIDE: How and when did you have the idea of becoming a professional wrestler?

SEVERN: I was approached in the mid 80’s about being a professional wrestler but did not want to lose my amatuer status, but as of the 92 Olympics a new rule came into effect that allowed you to do both.

GUIDE: What was the most beautiful moment in your career? And how about the worst?

SEVERN: Most Beautiful would have to be winning championship titles, and the worst is losing , or being injured.

GUIDE:What comments from your fans did you most appreciate?

SEVERN: My work rate and determination.

GUIDE:Can you name a wrestler (except yourself) you appreciate? And someone you can’t stand?

SEVERN: I appreciate the hard workers and can’t stand the lazy ones (I don’t want to name names but most fans will know who they are)

GUIDE:What do you think about Wrestling & Internet? Is your site important for you?

SEVERN: It is the wave of the future and a great way to let the masses know of your schedule and results, and so on.

GUIDE: How do you feel your UFC, WWF & NWA experiences?

SEVERN: They all have their place in my heart and memories.

GUIDE:What about the Dan Severn’s future?

SEVERN: Never to sure what the future will hold but rest asure I will make an impact!

GUIDE:Would you like to say something for your Italian fans? Will you ever come to see us?

SEVERNI may be in your country in April of 2003. I have a group that has contacted me an we are discusing the details. You can know for sure by checking out my web site time and again at

Thank You…………

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