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Ex HWA Cruiserweight title holder, HCW Heavyweight Champion and a possible new member of NWA-TNA roster: SHARK BOY!

GUIDE: How and when did you have the idea of becoming a professional wrestler? And Why the masked Shark Boy?

SHARK BOY: I have wanted to be a wrestler since the age of 12. I chose to wear a mask early on because I actually started out as a referee and I needed to have a second identity if I wanted to wrestle on shows.

GUIDE:What was the most beautiful moment in your career? And how about the worst?

SHARK BOY: The most beautiful moment is pictured at It’s when Mick Foley, Al Snow, and D’lo Brown held me up for a victory celebration at Pillman ‘99. That led to another beautiful moment: my signing with WCW. The worst moment came when I was released from WCW less than a year after signing a contract.

GUIDE:What comments from your fans did you most appreciate?

SHARK BOY: I just appreciate the fact that they’ve stood by me no matter what. Whether I’m working on a show for a group like NWA-TNA or a high school gym in the middle of Indiana, my fans are the best in the world and I’m lucky to have them.

GUIDE:Can you name a wrestler (except yourself) you appreciate? And someone you can’t stand?

SHARK BOY: I really admire Mick Foley. I think his ability to have such entertaining matches and characters was second to none. He made it to the WWF World Title three times without ever looking like a bodybuilder. And then he went on to become a best-selling author! The guy is just amazing. I’ll pass on the second half of the question for obvious political reasons. :-)

GUIDE:Waht do you think about Wrestling & Internet? Is your site important for you?

SHARK BOY: My site,, is very important to me because it’s how I’ve been able to interact with the fans. It’s also a great place for the fans to go if they want to pick up the newest Shark Boy merchandise (T-shirts, masks, photos) or if they just want to post a message on my message board. The internet is here to stay and so is its connection to wrestling.

GUIDE:Would you like to say something for your Italian fans? Will you ever come to see us?

SHARK BOY: Thank you for all of your support and I truly, truly hope I get the chance to wrestle in Italy very soon. And if you think it’s safe, think again… Shark Boy is waiting to strike!

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