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Deacon or Demon? Read The interview, and you'll know the Batista's real nature!

GUIDE: If I write “Batista is the new Goldberg”, would you be honoured, offended or indifferent?

BATISTA: Goldberg is a great wrestler. I don’t really compare myself to him and
haven’t modeled myself after him. I can understand the comparison as his
size is similar to mine. I would certainly not be offended.

GUIDE: What about D-Von & Deacon Batista, what about this strange couple?

BATISTA: I love wrestling with D-Von. He is a good friend and there are a lot of
sinners out there for us to help! Together we will make everyone who comes in our path Testify!

GUIDE: Is it different to wrestle in WWE than in other federations?

BATISTA: I have never wrestled professionally in another federation so I cannot be
sure. Definitely the WWE is the best out there and I am honored to be a part
of their team.

GUIDE: Do you know Italy? We want a WWE Live show in Italy because we want The Deacon!

BATISTA: I have never been to Italy but I would love to come over and wrestle if the
WWE sets up a show there. I know there are a lot of Italian fans who would
come see us. In an hour I am headed to Australia as we are going to wrestle
in front of 55,000+ fans!!

GUIDE: What do you think about Wrestling & The Internet? Is your site important for you?

BATISTA: The internet is a very important part of the world today. My site means a
lot to me and many fans are joining me there. We’ve set up an Ezboard for
people to get together and chat. I hope to have a small community for my
fans to enjoy.

“I’ve got to go, but thank you for your time and questions. It has been
enjoyable to speak to you”.


Well, i’m sure: David is not only the “real next big thing” of WWE but is also an incredible and very kind person: a real deacon ;-)…. but what about the demon? :)

Many Thanx David!

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