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Interview with The Promotion Wars' inventor!

GUIDE: How, When and Where did you decide to realize Promotion Wars? :)

ADAM: I downloaded a game called Wrestling 2000 where you just choose 2
wrestlers from a list, and it makes a list of commentary for their match.
That got me thinking about how I could make a game involved with wrestling,
and I came up with the idea of combining wrestling with my favourite game of
that time, Championship Manager. This was back in 1999.

As a result, I made Wrestling Federation Manager, a game like PW, but where
you start up a new wrestling federation and compete against the WWF and WCW.
You could book cards and sign wrestlers, have title matches etc. I was quite
new to Visual Basic when I made that, so there were a lot of things wrong
with it. I started work on a sequel to Wrestling Federation Manager in
December 1999.

After I had got started on it, I discovered Extreme Warfare 9000, which had
some similarities to my game. EW9000 took a different approach in that it
allowed you to control the WWF, WCW and ECW. Inspired by this, I scrapped
Wrestling Federation Manager 2, and started work on Promotion Wars, which
would take the ideas from Wrestling Federation Manager, and mix them in with
some ideas from EW9000. In October 2000, Promotion Wars was complete and put
on the internet to download.

GUIDE: Do you think that some PW players are better than WWE bookers? :)

ADAM:I think the ideas that a lot of PW players come up with are better than a
lot of the ideas the WWE bookers think of. When I started the Alternatives,
where people write up the happenings in their promotion, with some added
extras, a lot of people showed they had ideas which outdid the WWE bookers
at the time.

GUIDE: What’s your favourite wrestler?

ADAM:At the minute my favourite wrestler is probably Rob Van Dam, but I’ve
been very impressed with what I’ve seen of the Ring Of Honor wrestlers, and
if they were given a chance at the big time, it would be great.

GUIDE:What comments from PW players did you most appreciate?

ADAM:I appreciate most the comments from the players who just send me a mail
to say thank you for the game. Its emails like those that make it all

GUIDE:I know, i wouldn’t ask this but…. When will we at long last play with
Promotion Wars 2? We can’t wait any more! :)

ADAM:If I knew, you’d know. I just take it a day at a time, get done as much
as I can, and then move on to the next bit. A big mistake I made last year
was giving a predicted date.

Thanx Adam!

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