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Ladies & Gentlemen, the future of wrestling: Sly Wagner Brown!

GUIDE: How and when did you have the idea of becoming a professional wrestler?

SWB: I was an amateur wrestler in High School, when I found out about Kowalski’s
in 1995. I decided to check out the school when I was 15, and got hooked.
After attending the school regularly just to watch the classes, I signed up
a year and a half later at the young age of 17.

GUIDE: What was the most beautiful moment in your career? And how about the

SWB: The most beautiful moment in my career so far has been wrestling for the WWE
in two dark matches, and appearing on NWA TNA ppv. As for the worst, it has
to be every time I have to bump in wrestling rings that are harder than a
concrete floor!

GUIDE:What comments from your fans did you most appreciate?

SWB:When they say I’m their favorite wrestler, and they can’t understand why I’m
not in the WWE!

GUIDE: Can you name a wrestler (except yourself) you appreciate? And someone you
can’t stand?

SWB: I appreciate Shawn Michaels’ abilities. I don’t really have one person I
can’t stand, but I hate it when people don’t take what they do seriously!

GUIDE: What do you think about Wrestling & Internet? Is your site important for

SWB: I’m not too sure what you mean by that question, but my site is very
important to me. I think my website is responsible for getting my name out
there as much as it has so far. But traveling definetly plays a huge part in
my success so far, because not everyone in the world has a computer. So the
old fashion way still lives on.

GUIDE:is April Hunter so beautiful and hot as I watch her on video? What about
her in general? When and where did you met the first time?

SWB: She is very hot, and very tough too, that’s what makes her special! As a
person, she is very sweet. She’s understanding, helpful, and a great
listner. I first met April in September of last year when she decided to
train at Kowalski’s.

GUIDE:And what about your trainer, Killer Kowalski? He’s a legend in Italy too!

SWB: He’s the best! Nothing like his character, he’s a gentle giant.

GUIDE: What do you consider your WWE debut?

SWB: It has not happened yet, but I’ll definetly keep my fingers crossed!

GUIDE: What do you think about your PWI 2002 position? is it right for you?

SWB: Cool. I think it’s great. I wouldn’t to have that job though, because how
could you possibly satisfy anyone with just 500 slots. There are millions of
wrestlers around the world, and to select 500 hundred of them, is quite the
task. I’m just happy to achieve another goal in my career, and that’s being
ranked in this years PWI.

GUIDE: What about Slyk Wagner Brown’s future?

SWB: I don’t know, but I hope the future is ready for SWB!

GUIDE: Would you like to say something for your Italian fans? Will you ever
come to see us?

SWB: I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I’m glad they do! To all my
Italian fans, congrats on a great choice!

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