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Exclusive Interview with MDOGG20!!!

He's one of the most USA important indy (CZW, XPW, NWA-TNA) wrestler and Lord Kobe interviewed him! There're many scoops in his answers!!!

When did you decide to be a wrestler?

I became obsessed with ECW and wanted to try my hand at wrestling in about 1998. I had a couple of backyard matches and then decided to take wrestling seriously and got my formal training at the Cleveland All Pro Wrestling Training Center. I trained for about a year before hitting the indy scene and the rest is history

What’s your athletic background?

A 10 year background in competitive Gymnastics.

How did you end up in CZW?

Smart Mark Mike asked me if I’d be interested and I said yeah. Next thing I knew I got home and there was a message from Zandig on my phone.

What did you left CZW for XPW?

Approximately 2868181232 reasons

Which were the differences between CZW and XPW?

CZW has a “C” and a “Z” whereas XPW has a “X” and “P.”

On your first show in XPW you won the tag title with Josh Prohibition. Did you expect to win a title so soon?

No, that was a shock to Josh and I. We didn’t know we’d be winning the belts until we got there that day. It was an honor though and showed they really trusted and believed in us.

Who was your favourite wrestler as a Child? And now?

As a child I loved Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, Macho Man Randy Savage, and I even liked Dusty Rhodes so much that I named our family dog after him. Now my favorite current wrestler is Aj Styles with The Dynamite Kid being like all time favorite.

How long did you trained before making you debut?

About a year

How did you feel before your first match?

Nervous, Anxious, Excited, Sexy and um Like I had to go to the bathroom.

What’s the best match you had so far in you opinion?

Probably against Jerry Lynn in September 2003 for the vacant UIPW Heavyweight Championship belt. It was 20 minutes of classic wrestling action and it was an honor to be in the ring with such an incredible talent. Jerry Lynn’s feud with RVD is probably 40% of the reason I’m wrestling today so I wanted to see if I had what it takes to hang with someone of Jerry’s caliber. I was really happy with the result and considered it a huge test in my career.

If you could pick one wrestler to face in a dream match, who would you pick?

AJ Styles, singles match, I think we could do some really cool stuff in there

Will we ever see Youthanazia again? Maybe in CZW?

We’ll never use that name no. Josh and I both hate it… was Rob’s idea. When we tag now we’re known as “The Burning River Brigade”

Where did you find the best crowd?

Tokyo Japan at Korukeon Hall

How was it wrestling in Japan? will you touring there again in the future?

Japan was amazing. From a wrestling standpoint it’s a dream come true. The crowds were electric, the fans amazing, the country intriguing. I think I had a great tour and have been in Gong Magazine twice since I returned so I think I have a good chance at returning. One of my matches will also be featured this September here in the US as part of a Japanese Hardcore Wrestling PPV so I’m excited for to air and for people to see some of my work from the Land of the Rising Son.

Why did you return to CZW?

Zandig called me Friday night at 8pm and asked what it would take to get me to the Arena in Philly the next day. Sounded like fun to me so I was all for it. I never had a problem with, or disliked CZW so it was nice going back.

Do you think you’ll be in WWE or TNA someday?

I sure hope so, it’s my biggest goal at the moment to wrestle for NWA TNA and I actually had a match for TNA Explosion earlier this week.

What’s the biggest thrill you had since being a wrestler?

Probably wrestling at the Scala nightclub in London England in 2003. Before Josh and I even tied up the whole crowd started chanting “MDogg….MDogg……MDogg” I was floored. My own neighbors don’t know who I am let alone people half way across the world, it was a very surreal experience.

Who came up with you ring name?

My original gimmick was “The 18th Amendment” which was Prohibition. Josh then decided to start using his “Josh Prohibition” moniker and it didn’t make much sense to have a match of Drug Free man vs. Drug Free man. I decided to change my gimmick and name and was going for a generic gangsta feel. I was really into breakdancing at the time so the first name that came to my mind was “MDogg20″. I just always thought it sounded cool.

Word Association:

CZW -The Blood, The Pride, Survive!

XPW -Rob Black wears bright red shoes and track suits

WWE -The place to be

WCW - Wish it was still around

ECW - Responsible for getting me interested and involved in wrestling, god do I miss it

NWA TNA - My biggest goal at the moment

IWA Mid South - Support Uncle Ian!

Sonjay Dutt - Likes to dance

Zandig - Would look funny eating an ice cream cone

Rob Black - funny dude

Messiah - was on America’s Most Wanted

Josh Prohibition - used to have cool long hair….then he looked like he was in a boy band with highlight… he shaved his head and he looks all bad ass again

Trent Acid - likes drugs?

Shane Douglas - great guy who helped out Josh and I a lot in XPW

Justice Pain - real cool guy, glad I’ve gotten to know him and get close

ECW Arena - Probably the coolest place I’ve wrestled in the US

Hulk Hogan - I am a real American!!!

Ric Flair - whoooooooooo!

Sting - um, carried a baseball bat

Vince McMahon - the man behind the man BEHIND the man

MDogg20 - never heard of him

If a kid asks you “Is wrestling real or fake” what would you answer?

If it’s fake I sure as hell have been hurt a lot doing it. I guess I’ve had 2 “make-believe” concussions, a “fairy tale” torn MCL, got some “fake” stitches and pretended to sprain my shoulder.

What you favourite gimmick match?

Hair vs. Boot hair match. I’m not too into gimmick matches to tell you the truth. Sometimes I like watching em but I’m not exactly thrilled to be in em.

Do you think Vince McMahon is right when he says that WWE is not a wrestling company?

Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. Talk, talk, talk, talk…….talk, talk, punch, talk talk, kick. That’s not professional wrestling.

If you could do a Top 10 list of your favourites matches, how would it be? and why would you pick those 10?

I feel the best people I’ve ever been in the ring against are Aj Styles, Jerry Lynn, Chad Collyer, Chris Hero, and Super Dragon. All the matches I’ve had with those people have been enjoyable and informative. I also like to watch matches involving all those people as well as The Dynamite Kid, and 3 feuds in particular. RVD/Jerry Lynn, Mike Awesome/Masato Tanaka, and Super Crazy/Tajiri

What would you so say to your fans in Italy?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully I’ll be over there someday to wrestle. Through paperwork I dual citizenship with the US and San Marino so it would be really special for me to wrestle in Italy. I got the chance to visit the country in 1993 and would love to go back now that I’m older and would probably appreciate it more. If you can help get me booked in anyway please do so as I love traveling and wrestling abroad. Make sure to check out my official site at for up to date news, appearances, video clips, pictures, merchandise and more. Thanks again, take care

Thank you very match for spending some time for this interview

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