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Exclusive Interview with Sonjay Dutt

He's one of the most USA important indy (CZW, NWA-TNA X Division) wrestler and Cri Unholy interviewed him!

How did you start wrestling?

I began training when I was 18 with a local wrestling training center.

Who was your trainer?

Larry Sharpe was the first man to train me.

What your family thought when you’re become a wrestler?

They hated it at first, but now they love it because they see my success.

Who was your role model in wrestling?

Ric Flair, Sabu, Eddy Guerrero, Mic Foley, and Chris Beniot to name a few.

You worked twice in Italy, what do you think about Italy and italian crowd?

I love Italy, it is a beautiful place with beautiful women!

How was working in Japan?

Amazing, it is the best.

Which are your favorite gimmick matches?

I dont really have any, I love to just wrestle.

Who should be your ideal opponent?

Probably Ric Flair.

In which federation would you like to work?

I have worked pretty much everywhere except WWE.

How did you arrive in CZW and then in TNA?

I got a shot with CZW and later on with MLW which helped me get to TNA

For how long will you be out of action for your injury?

4 weeks.

Word associations:

CZW - Ultraviolent

TNA - Fresh

WWE - The leader

IWA-MS - Great wrestling

Zandig - Great man

Ian Rotten - Always was good to me

Sabu - Awesome Raven - Very helpful

Jeff Jarrett - Da boss

Vince Russo - Smart

Vince McMahon - Very smart man

M-Dogg 20 - Bastard

Ruckus - Ass

Jimmy Rave - Moron

Petey Williams - Bigger moron

AJ Styles - Amazing

B Boy - Hits hard

What do you think about WWE?

It’s getting a bit stale now, but I still will watch it to see what is going on.

How hard is to work in a six side ring?

Not hard at all.

Which are the differences between Japanese crowd, Italian crowd and U.S. crowd?

Japanese are more respectful and accepting of pro wrestling as a sport,

where as US and others see it as entertainment.

Do you will come back to Italy some day?

I’d love to.

CZW Aftershock didn’t go as planned. In your opinion, what went wrong?

I dont know about the business side of things, but it was a great show.

Your best friend in wrestling?

I have many many. No enemies.

In conclusion Sonjay, do you want to say something to your italian fans?

Thanks for your support.

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